5 Popular Sport Leagues in the World and their iOS / Android Apps

popular sport leagues

This article brings you a compilation of popular sport leagues in the world, and their respective iOS and Android apps. The sporting world is widely viewed as a universal industry, which unifies all kinds of people from different backgrounds. Today, popular sport leagues now have…

Best pop-up ads blocker for Android devices

pop up ads blocker android

Ads are best hated for interrupting engaging activities like gaming, chatting, or browsing. The good news is that ads in whatever form can be blocked by using ads blocker. Best pop-up ads blocker for Android Adclear XDA developers created Adclear. It works by creating a…

Top 4 Best Android Fitness Apps To Keep You Fit

Thanks to our smartphones and the sensors that are built into them, health and fitness apps are now part of many people’s lives. Because of them, we can track out jogging distance, the calorie intake, and many more. Just choose an app according to your…

How to Unlock your Android Phone when Pin or Pattern is forgotten

unlock your android phone

You tried unlocking your phone only to find out that you have forgotten your pin or pattern. We have so many ways to unlock an Android phone. It is normal to not remember your pin or pattern at times. Moreover, some things fly off our…

Best Methods to Turn on Battery Saver Mode On your Android device

turn battery saver mode android

Android users benefit a lot from its features. Users are excited with apps on Google Play Store, GPS, Wi-Fi connection and many others. They tend to rely on their phones. Nevertheless, these features can cause drainage of battery. Battery drainage is triggered by the amount…

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

  1. 1 Click on the AdBlock Plus icon on the top right corner of your browser
  2. 2 Click on "Enabled on this site" from the AdBlock Plus option
  3. 3 Refresh the page and start browsing the site