Best pop-up ads blocker for Android devices

pop up ads blocker android

Ads are best hated for interrupting engaging activities like gaming, chatting, or browsing. The good news is that ads in whatever form can be blocked by using ads blocker.

Best pop-up ads blocker for Android

  1. Adclear

XDA developers created Adclear. It works by creating a VPN to filter out ads traffic before reaching the app you’re currently using. The Adclear can filter out all types of intrusive and non-intrusive Ads, including encrypted ads.

  1. Adaway

Adaway is a reliable ad filter app that filters out all types of ads on Android. When an app requests an ad, it directs the request to a host file ( which doesn’t grant permission to the requested ad.

  1. DNS66

DNS66 is a repository-based AdBlocker that works by creating an encrypted server to filter all types of add. To use the DNS66, download and open the app, click on Domain Filters, and select ‘Adaway Host Files.’ To activate the app, tap on the power icon of the app, and download missing files if prompted.

  1. AdGuard

AdGuard works in HTTP proxy or VPN mode. The app blocks all ads in apps and browsers, protect your privacy online and also prevent your activities from being tracked while you’re online. To use this app, download and launch AdGuard, go to the app’s settings, select and turn on HTTPS Filtering.

  1. Blockada

Blockada works by actively filtering out all ads and blocking malware on android device. It works well both on cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

  1. Droidwall

Droidwall is useful for blocking Ads on offline apps. It works by preventing data access by the app. To use this app, download and install Droidwall on your device. Launch the Droidwall after installing it, select the app from the list of apps, and disable data access to the app to prevent ads from running on the app.

  1. Bromite

The Chromium API project created Bromite. It is an ad-blocker browser that works like the Chrome browser. The app browser protects the privacy of users while online and also block-out adds efficiently using an ad-blocking engine.

  1. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is designed to block ads, prevent tracking of online activities and leakage of information to site owners. The browser works similarly like an incognito browser by not storing cookies, passwords, and browsing history.

  1. Ad-Vanish

Ad-vanish works by toggling network connection to block ads. It is an ad-blocker suitable for blocking out ads on games and other apps.

Hope you find our Android pop-up ads blocker list useful?

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