Google Pixel 3xL: How to Find Top-Quality Wallpapers for the Phone

Getting some cool wallpapers for your smartphone can make you that special guy that everybody likes, as anybody wants to see something nice when looking at a phone for the first time. Google Pixel 3xL is one powerful gadget, and it can look even better if it has a nice-looking wallpaper.

Learning how to find some of the best wallpapers for your phone isn’t easy when there are so many options available! You can find wallpapers from various domains, such as landscapes, nature, space, animals, and so on. Let’s get into detail, shall we?

Wallpaper apps

There are numerous wallpaper apps that you can get your hands on from the Google Play Store that offer a wide range of wallpapers in numerous categories. For instance, you can choose wallpapers from domains such as abstract, nature, minimalistic, and many more. Some popular options include Walli, Zedge, and Backgrounds HD. Such apps will often allow users to browse through a vast collection of wallpapers and even filter them based on popularity, resolution, and categories.


Subreddits such as r/wallpapers, r/iWallpaper, and r/Amoledbackgrounds represent great sources for finding unique and high-resolution wallpapers. It’s not uncommon for Reddit communities to often share wallpapers they’ve created or discovered, allowing users to find a wide variety of options that were tailored to different preferences.

Google Wallpapers

Did you know that Google has its own wallpaper app called Google Wallpapers? Such software provides a curated selection of high-quality wallpapers, and it features categories such as cityscapes, landscapes, textures, and more. Let’s also not forget that Google Wallpapers integrates with the wallpaper settings of the device, making it a lot easier to establish new wallpapers directly from the app itself.

Social media

Platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest are real treasure troves when it comes to visually appealing content, such as wallpapers. You can search for specific hashtags such as #phonewallpapers or #wallpapers to discover that there’s a plethora of wallpapers generated by users.

Additionally, you can feel free to follow accounts that are dedicated to sharing wallpapers, as that can ensure even better chances for you to find the wallpaper of your dreams.

Create your own wallpapers

If creativity is running through your veins like wild, it means that you can also consider creating your own wallpapers using image editing apps such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop Express. You can even feel free to personalize your wallpapers with the quotes, photos, and artwork you prefer. In other words, you can get a unique background for your Android phone.

What’s for sure is that there are plenty of options out there on the web when it comes to finding wallpapers, and you can be sure they are of high quality. Furthermore, you can feel free to test each of those wallpapers to figure out which one suits your desires the best.

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