Pro Evolution Soccer: How to Become the Best Player in Town

A lot of people who are heavily into gaming claim that the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series is better than FIFA, and who are we to contradict them? Both series have huge notoriety, and the main reason is that they do a pretty good job of emulating football matches.

A lot of PES fans have started to play the game with very small steps. Nobody was born playing FIFA, PES, or any other video game, regardless of how hardcore gamers they may be today. Therefore, you don’t have to be ashamed if all of your friends can beat you at PES. You just have to practice more, and you could even become the best PES player in town! Let’s see how you can do that!

Master the controls

In order to become good at playing a game, mastering its controls is crucial. Therefore, you should practice those classic movies such as shooting, dribbling, passing, defending, attacking, and more. You need to practice them until they become second nature to you. While it may sound intimidating at first, you will definitely fall in love with those controls once you master them, and everything will become a lot easier!

Learn tactics

Tactics represent a very important part of any football game, and it’s the same drill when it comes to video games. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with various tactical setups, such as playing styles, formations, and strategies. Therefore, you need to experiment with different tactics to find those that suit your playstyle and help you grab those victories.

Practice as often as you can

Go ahead and practice everything that you’ve learned. Practice shooting, passing, defending, attacking, everything! Practice those football phases as much as possible, as you may never know for sure when you’ll need them!

In order to practice everything you need in PES, you obviously need as much time as you can get. Therefore, feel free to give yourself half an hour, for instance, only for practicing at your favorite PES game. But during that time, don’t get distracted by anything, not even for a minute! Every minute can count a lot in PES, as during that time, your opponent can score you three goals! So you can’t afford to be relaxed even for a minute!

Watch professionals’ gameplay

You can learn a lot of useful stuff from the gameplay of professionals on YouTube or Twitch, as those platforms are teeming with gameplay footage for pretty much any game you could think about, including from the PES or FIFA series! Therefore, feel free to carefully watch and study the games of other players who are much more respected in the community; go ahead and analyze those matches and make notes if needed!

It’s also a great idea to play PES against strong opponents in order to become better. The online world is teeming with gamers who love to play against others, not just in story mode, so feel free to exploit that in your favor! Go ahead and join those online communities to find more partners via online forums, social media groups, or other communities dedicated exclusively to PES.

Remember that becoming a great PES player requires a lot of attention, effort, and time before you can truly master those games! But once you do, nothing can stop you anymore!

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