Best Methods to Turn on Battery Saver Mode On your Android device

turn battery saver mode android

Android users benefit a lot from its features. Users are excited with apps on Google Play Store, GPS, Wi-Fi connection and many others. They tend to rely on their phones. Nevertheless, these features can cause drainage of battery.

Battery drainage is triggered by the amount of data stored on a phone. In the process of using all these features, your battery life reduces in speedy motion. But, do you know that it is possible to extend your battery life?

How to Turn on Battery Saver Mode on Android

There are solutions to the case of battery drainage. The logic is restricting those features that drain your battery easily. Let’s look at how we can get this done.

  1.    Enable Power Saving Mode

Every Android has this in-built feature. Power mode should be enabled to reduce battery drainage. To do this, swipe your phone downwards to have quick access to some features. After that, locate where you see the “Power Saving Mode” and enable it.

Note that you will be restricted to some features such as social media notifications, IM, and others.

  1. Install Third-Party Apps

Some apps can extend your battery life. These are battery saver apps; they are available on Google Play Store. Finding a reliable battery saver app is difficult, most cause harm on devices. However, there are few of them that root directly to your device upon installation. These apps put a restriction on the battery consuming feature.

  1. Using Auto-Saver from The Settings Tool

You can set up an Auto-saver for your battery life. How does this work? Usually, one gets notified when his/her battery life is down. This in-built Auto-save helps to extend battery lives by restricting certain activities. Navigation to your settings and turn it on. Having done that, the Auto-saver is enabled whenever you have a low battery.

  1. Manually Restrict Some Features

Battery saver apps help to restrict some features. You can go ahead and turn off restrictions to some other apps manually. These features are Wi-Fi, GPS, Data connection, Bluetooth, and many others.

To turn off features manually, do this:

  • Navigate to your settings and locate the “Device maintenance” option.
  • Once opened, locate the “Battery icon” option and click on it.
  • Tap on “Battery usage” and the three dots displayed on the top right corner.
  • Tap on “Optimize battery usage” and start disabling unnecessary features.

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