Top Reasons Why Batman is the Best Superhero Ever

When we speak about superheroes, probably the first scenarios that pop into mind are represented by characters with amazing superpowers, such as being able to defy gravity by flying or firing lasers from the eyes and hands. Probably any kid on the planet has been fascinated by superheroes such as Superman, Spider-Man, or Goku. But we all know that those characters are nothing more than the outcome of human imagination. They don’t exist out there in the real world, but the good news is that one famous superhero from the movies, cartoons, and video games could indeed be real. His name is Batman/Bruce Wayne.

For those unaware, Batman is a superhero who appeared in American comic books published by DC Comics. Artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger are responsible for creating the beloved character, and they even did it long ago. Batman had his debut back in 1939, in the 27th issue of a comic book known as Detective Comics. In other words, we could say that Batman is almost 100 years old.
There are even strong reasons to believe that Batman is the best superhero of all time, and we will gladly get into detail:

No superpowers

Batman doesn’t have any superpowers, which is one of the reasons why this character is so beloved by the fans. Even if he is interpreted by Kevin Conroy, Adam West, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, or other actors, Batman doesn’t need any superpowers to impose justice on the streets of Gotham. All he has is his fighting moves and gadgets, such as the bat claw, the batarangs, and many more. Batman is known for a strong sense of justice, which is why he is considered the world’s greatest detective. Even so, Batman is strong enough to take out multiple opponents at once. He doesn’t really know how to fail, and we can easily see that, in fact, Batman’s only superpower is his imposing wealth. Unlike other wealthy people, Bruce Wayne, who is the true name of Batman, uses his money for equipping himself with powerful gadgets, such as his bat suit, all in the name of justice.

Complexity and depth

Batman’s character is rich when it comes to both complexity and depth. We are not talking about just a crime-fighting vigilante but also about a multi-dimensional character who has a dark past, moral ambiguity, and complex psychology. The famous Caped Crusader is known for dealing with trauma and the duality of his identity as Bruce Wayne and Batman, adding layers to his character.

Courage and dark tone

The stories surrounding Batman often explore dark and gritty themes, such as delving into topics like corruption, crime, as well as the nature of justice. Those who appreciate a more mature and sophisticated take on the superhero, cannot possibly remain unmoved by this darker tone.
Feel free to tell us about your own perception of Batman as a character, whether you want to speak about the movies, cartoons, or video games in which the superhero is being depicted.

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