Survivor Legacy Tips — How To Get More EXP And In-Game Items: Resident Evil Alternative

Survivor Legacy is an upcoming online strategy game that brings some classic elements back to the spotlight. If you enjoyed playing Resident Evil or World of Warcraft, then you will love Survivor Legacy. In this article, we will show you how to get more EXP and in-game items.

About Survivor Legacy

The title is now in its closed beta stage, so it will soon come out as a full game. At the moment, GameHollywood and R2games, the devs and publishers behind the game, are working to tackle all the bugs that pop-up in the beta variant to launch an excellent version of the title.

To some extent, this game is like Resident Evil, as regarding Zombies, monsters, in-game items.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by zombies. Obviously, you will have to build your base, create defensive and offensive strategies to deal with the zombies that attack you, and threaten your life.

How To Get More EXP And In-Game Items in Survivor Legacy

Spot Walkers in World and Kill Them

As the image says, click on the ‘World’ button to access the map. You will then see the Walkers in World there. If you spot zombies, you should try killing them to earn points.

Although you are a beginner, you can slay zombies up to Level 8. To see the level of those Walkers in World, you can use the magnifier on the left of the screen.

Slaying Walkers Gives You Rewards

When you spot some Zombies in the wild and kill them, you will receive prizes. Those could range from 16 pieces of Shards of the S-Class hero to Speed-up Items that last for several hours, depending on the level of the Walkers in World.

Speed-Up items are useful to fasten up your development. If you destroy the Zombies of all levels, you will get 400 pieces of Hero Shard and over 1000 hours of those Speed-Up items.

Killing Zombies can also give you more EXP! Slay Walkers in World and earn your prizes.

Create or Join Guilds

If you are a member of a clan, then you will receive extra EXP and in-game items. In this case, you will also get a bonus Guild Gift and rewards each time you kill Zombies.

This would also improve your level within the Guild!

In conclusion, the idea is to kill Zombies in Survivor Legacy to get more EXP, in-game items, and gifts.

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