R2Games Presents Haunting Halloween Game Extravaganza

It’s the season of ghastly ghouls and spooky specters, and R2Games has brewed a concoction of in-game Halloween festivities that are bound to bewitch both the living and the undead. Cast aside your mundane trick-or-treat plans, as R2Games invites its gaming community to a virtual realm of eerie adventures and creepy challenges across its popular gaming titles. Here’s a bone-chilling breakdown of the Halloween hullabaloo that awaits you:

Eternal Fury: The Sinister Celebrations Unleashed

In the dark dominion of Eternal Fury, Halloween emerges as a sinister celebration, unveiling two distinct events from October 30 to November 4.

  • Halloween Carnival:
    • Seize exclusive Halloween-themed fashion assets, SSR titles, avatars, and frames.
    • Encounter the newest UR Hero amid a graveyard of rewards.
    • Spin the Halloween Lucky Wheel to your heart’s content.
    • Relish in additional rewards with a 5-day consecutive login streak.
  • Candy War:
    • Swap bullets for sweets to combat Halloween monsters.
    • Utilize five varieties of candy ammunition to vanquish your eerie enemies.

8 Ball Master: Spooktacular Snooker Saga

Who dares to defy the ghosts at the snooker table? 8 Ball Master reveals a Spooktacular Sign-In Event from October 27 to November 2.

  • Unique daily rewards await the brave and the bold.
  • Unlock Halloween-exclusive cue sticks and avatars like the SSS-grade USpooky Fest Cue Set and the SS grade Pumpkinhead Cue.

Crystal Saga Idle: Haunted Hunts Await

Venture into the haunted realm of Crystal Saga Idle from October 26 to November 1, where the spirits of Halloween beckon.

  • Dragon Treasure Quests and Mystic Chest unveil ghostly goods.
  • Timed daily quests promise a cauldron of creepy collectibles.

Evil Awakening I & II: Erebus—Dark Delights Unfold

Dive into the dark delights of Evil Awakening I & II: Erebus, where Halloween unveils a new fashion range to send shivers down your spine.

  • Dress to distress with eerie ensembles that spellbind other players.

Dive into the Doodle Spooky Magic Mini-game

Navigate a nightmare of pumpkins and phantoms to discover the R2Games Halloween Graffiti Bash at R2Games.com. The cobweb-clad portal is your gateway to more ghastly games and spooky shenanigans across titles like Dark Odyssey, Game of Thrones, and Firestone.

For a deeper dig into the devilish details, R2Games’ Halloween portal is your eerie encyclopedia of events, with a media kit bubbling with more information and assets. With a crypt-full of creepy quests and frightening festivities, this Halloween, the gaming realm is where the real haunting happens!

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