Windows 10 Hits You With Blue Screens: How to Solve the Problem

You may be in the middle of the process of editing your photos in Photoshop to post them on Instagram, and suddenly, the famous blue screen error (colloquially known as the Blue Screen of Death) appears out of nowhere and sticks to your Windows 10 laptop. Pretty frustrating, right?

What could you do in such a case? Destroying your PC with a sledgehammer might be an option if you’re full of money and, therefore, can afford to buy a new one at any time of the day, but let’s suppose that you plan to use that PC again soon enough. In this latter case, here’s what you can do:

Restart your computer

The simple act of restarting your Windows 10 PC can be enough to get you rid of the horrifying blue screen error, especially if you’re dealing with a one-time occurrence. So go ahead and restart that laptop while praying to God or the gods of football so that your problem will go away.

Update device drivers

If your device’s drivers are outdated or incompatible, don’t be surprised if blue screen errors are also there to ruin your day. If that’s the case, you already know what you need to do: just head over to the official website of the manufacturer to grab the latest updates for your network, GPU, as well as for other essential components of your PC. Even if the blue screen error will come back to haunt your dreams, your Windows 10 laptop will still thank you!

Scan for malware

Malware or viruses accumulating on your Windows 10 PC will also make the Blue Screen of Death come back and ruin your projects. That’s why it would be a huge mistake to use a PC without a capable antivirus installed. In other words, start your antivirus or download one if there’s no such software installed in your system, and perform a scan of your PC. Don’t just go for the quick scan; opt for a full PC scan, although it will take some time. This will also be a good occasion to prove to yourself that you can enjoy life even without using your PC for a few minutes. Read a few pages of a book while the antivirus scans your PC, for instance!

Grab the latest Windows update

Outdated Windows versions could also lead to the Blue Screen of Death frightening you more than any Halloween costume has ever managed to do. Therefore, you need to check and see if there is any available Windows update for your operating system. Microsoft often includes bug fixes for its updates, so it could solve your problem as well.

Run Windows Memory Diagnostic

Memory issues can also determine the famous blue screen errors. Therefore, feel free to use a built-in Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, as you need one to check for memory problems. You can find one by typing “Windows Memory Diagnostic” in your Start menu. Some on-screen instructions will appear, and you will have to apply them.

Check for hardware issues

The blue screen error emerging might also indicate that you have faulty hardware components in your PC, such as the hard drive, RAM, GPU, and so on. Therefore, one wise thing to do is to simply investigate your hardware for any possible issues and even consider running hardware diagnostics.

It’s a bit surprising that Microsoft still didn’t manage to convince everyone to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10. It’s a fact that the majority of Microsoft users still cling to the 8-year-old operating system, and certainly, they have some strong reasons.

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