8 Smart Tips and Tricks for The Sims 4

smart tips and tricks for the sims 4

Are you a beginner on The Sims 4? Do you want to speed up your progress? Here are some smart tips and tricks for you.

The Sims 4 is the fourth edition of the real-life simulation game series – The Sims. And with the extended support for Windows and Mac, the popularity base of the game has increased significantly.

If you’re new player looking to make headway on Sims 4, follow this article with rapt attention. Read on!

Smart tips and tricks for The Sims 4

#1 Be apt and precise when choosing your Sims’ traits

Pick your traits based on your mission and goals. There are “ambitious traits”, “active traits”, “romantic traits”, and “self-assured traits” among others. So, ensure you pick the traits that align with your goals.

#2 Access the cheat menu

Use the “Crtl + Shift + C” keys (Windows) or “Command +Shift + C” keys (Mac) to open the ultimate cheat menu.

In the menu, use the “Help” command to bring up the list of all cheat codes.

#3 Use the “Needs” function

This feature is designed to save time, and improve your interaction with your Sims.

By setting the “needs”, your Sims are able to do what needed to be done, without further directive.

#4 Be attentive and respond to your Sims’ whims

Whims (thought bubbles) indicate the mood of your Sims. When the whims appear over your Sims’ head, try and respond to them. This gets you more satisfaction points for “potions”.

#5 Use the Hotkeys in Build Mode

Building a structure in Sims 4 could be quite time-consuming. To cut-down on time and efforts, use the Hotkeys while in the Build Mode.

#6 Revert camera angles

Ditch the “inconvenient” camera angle in Sims 4, and revert to the more “convenient” one in Sims 3. This can easily be done in the game’s settings.

#7 Get the hidden Cow Seed for rewards

These seeds (Laganaphyllis simnovorii) are pretty well hidden; however, one of the hidden points is in the “Oasis Spring” (on Desert Bloom). The seed can be gotten from a Small Pond, along the walls of a cave entrance.

#8 Recycle trash cans

Recycling gets you extra cash. A trash can like the “NanoTouch Trashless” can get you up to $10.

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