Best Facebook alternatives for smartphones

best facebook alternatives

Are you in search for the best Facebook alternatives?

Facebook is plagued with myriads of issues such as privacy concerns, data protection, rules and regulations, data breaches, etc. However, you can check out this list for our collection of Facebook alternatives for your perusal.

Best Facebook alternatives

  1. Ello

This is a social platform that allows users to remain anonymous while they engage in activities like creating a strong brand presence, selling products and services, linking up with friends and fans, etc. without being worried about being tracked. It is an ad-free platform that is gaining more popularity as a Facebook alternative because it does not sell users’ data, operates a ‘no ads’ policy and does not enforce a real-name policy.

  1. Instagram

This is one of the most popular alternatives to Facebook. Although it is owned by Facebook, It is a great social platform for posting photos and videos. With Instagram, users can follow their celebrities’ day-to-day activities and also share stories privately with friends or post publicly.

  1. Snapchat

Snapchat as an alternative to Facebook is widely used for its messaging. Also, it comes with self-erasing feature which erases photos and messages after a given period. Although the platform incorporates multiple editing tools and filters, it is fast losing its audiences to Instagram.

  1. LinkedIn

This is a great social platform for networking with colleagues, looking for jobs, keeping in touch with mentors or influencers. In addition, LinkedIn allows users to control their profile activity and network information, post updates, photos or links. However, for some categories of people, it is not a frequently used platform for social networking.

  1. Twitter

This is a social networking platform popular amongst politicians and celebrities as a tool for posting their thoughts, videos or photos. It is an excellent news platform where users can find breaking news updates, follow other users and publications, and also share their thoughts. The major disadvantage of this platform is that users are limited to 280-word character.

  1. Diaspora

This social networking platform offers users similar FB features such as sharing posts and images, status updates, comment on people’s posts, ‘Like’ others’ posts, etc. The major advantage of Diaspora over Facebook is that it is an open-source project and users’ data are decentralized. This means that users’ data are not stored centrally but on multiple networks known as pods and are distributed by the users.

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