How to Update Facebook Lite App on Android

update facebook lite app android

Facebook Lite is an Android app designed for low-speed connections and low specs phones. With the emergence of smartphones and corresponding market acceptability, some people in their countries often having intermittent internet difficulties and low-end devices; hence, the release of Facebook Lite resolves the shortcomings.

In terms of graphic appearance, it looks much similar to the main android app. The app makes use of words instead of symbols for common actions which sometimes results in text disappearing off the top or the side of the page. More so, there is a marked difference in the layout when viewing your friends’ profile or messages because there are no images.

Benefits of Facebook Lite

Facebook lite offers the following benefits for its users:

  • It is smaller in size (2mb) than the classic Facebook app (48mb)
  • Facebook Lite is simpler to use than the classic Facebook.
  • It is easier to download Facebook lite on your device, and it uses less storage space compared with the classic Facebook app.
  • It can work on any android device in 2G status.
  • It uses less amount of data compared with the classic Facebook app

How to Update Facebook Lite

Follow these procedures to update Facebook Lite:

  • Launch Google Play
  • Search for Facebook Lite
  • Click on the displayed Facebook App
  • If there is a recent update, you will see “update” if it doesn’t, you will see “open”.
  • To update Facebook lite, click on ‘UPDATE’

Updating Facebook Lite offers you new features you can enjoy from Facebook and gives you a better user experience with each update.

Unable to Update Facebook Lite? Here’s what to do

If you are having trouble updating your Facebook lite to the latest version, you should apply these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check the amount of storage space available on your mobile device
  • Open your Android device’s settings
  • Open your storage settings
  • If you have less than 100MB available, you can uninstall unwanted apps to clear up space, and then retry the download.

Alternatively, you can restart your phone and attempt updating Facebook Lite from Google Play Store.

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