How to Fix Snaptube Download Button Missing

snaptube download button missing

Download button missing in Snaptube? Here’s what to do.

Snaptube is a popular video downloader for Android. It’s basically used to download online videos from Facebook, Instagram and more significantly, YouTube. The app hosts a simple interface, with the download icon clearly visible on a target video’s window.

However, a number of users have complained of an error, whereby the download button magically goes missing, leaving users frustrated and unable to download their favorite videos.

To resolve this, we have come up with some solutions.

How to Fix Snaptube Download Button Missing

A number of factors could be in play here. And these typically range from service permission issues (from host websites) to in-app cache errors or bug attacks. The most probable cause of this error, however, is the former, and it’s mainly encountered while trying to download videos from YouTube.

Anyway, below are some reliable fixes you can try:

Method 1: Use a VPN

If Snaptube’s download button goes missing while you’re trying to download a video from YouTube, it’s possible that YouTube is not supported in your current base. Typically, you may get the error-message that reads – “This website is not available in your country or region” – or not.

To download such (YouTube) video(s), despite the geo-restrictions, you can install a VPN on your phone; then, try connecting to YouTube (via Snaptube) over the VPN network.

Method 2: Clear cache

Alternatively, if the aforementioned is not the case or a VPN could not resolve the issue, try and clear the app’s cache, as there is possibility of a cache damage or corruption.

To run this procedure:

  • tap on the home menu;
  • select Settings > Apps;
  • find Snaptube and tap on it;
  • select Storage > Clear cache.

If the issue persists after this, you can proceed to clear the app’s data.

Download button still missing? Try the next fix.

Method 3: Update Snaptube

Snaptube developers have acknowledged the possibility of a bug disabling/hiding the download button on the app. And in their bid to rid the app of bugs, patched updates are constantly being released.

So, in the event that you encounter the “missing download button” error, and the first two fixes could not fix the error, the ultimate solution would be to update/reinstall the app.

Go here to update/install the app.

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