top tricks to get winner winner chicken dinner

Winning the Chicken dinner is the ultimate feat players of PUBG strive to achieve. This feat comes by no small means as a player has to battle up to a hundred other players in order to win.

If you are new to PUBG and you desire to win the Chicken dinner, here are some few tips you can follow.

  1. Make sure you are playing the game on a PC with optimized settings for your rig. You may want to set your ‘view distance’ on ultra. This will enable PUBG to boot up with all the assets and resources at the start of the game. You need a 16GB of RAM to play the PUBG game on ultra-mode.
  2. For Solo play, you should choose your drop location wisely. You should choose a location with buildings and transportation. You should also keep an eye on the enemy players’ parachutes.
  3. You should consider the circle as not your friend but your enemy’s. Keep an eye on your timer and be prepared to move at any point in time. Having a means of transport will allow you to move fast, though it might draw attention to you. If you choose to leave on foot, you should factor in enough time to allow you to run, otherwise, you might be punished by the circle for not acting fast enough.
  4. When looting, you should be at alert and try moving with stealth and systematically between buildings, keep all doors closed behind you, loot quickly by learning to ‘tab loot’. This is way faster than using the ‘F’ key to drag and drop the loot into your inventory, the fastest looters tend to win the game.
  5. You should have a ‘combo’ of guns, one of which should be on autofire and the other with a 4x single fire. You should never ignore meds. Strive to get the highest possible tier armour.
  6. Airdrops may contain some of the best sniper rifles and ghillie suits, you should get both the rifle and the ghillie suit. With these two gears, you increase your chances of winning the game by hiding in the bush and picking out your enemies. Avoid airdrops in small circles and think of your position in relation to the box.

If you find yourself in the top ten, calm down, breathe and drink energy drinks. Ensure you put your gun on auto fire and use scopes with sights for a closer view.

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