How To Fix PUBG Mobile Error Codes 554762241 and 154140712

pubg mobile error codes 554762241 154140712

PUBG Mobile has become very common among game lovers. One common factor people love is its graphics, very nice background. Some others love it for its action. It is one of the best Battle Royal games.

Another common factor is the error codes attached to it. PUGB Gamers can’t seem to stand this error codes. Imagine playing this game, and the error code displays on your screen. How frustrating it is?

We know this is an online game, it is connected to the internet. It works with a good server. Network disruption may be the cause of the error displayed.

If you find yourself in this situation, then you must have come across the error message that says “Unable to connect to server. please try different network …. Error Code 554762241”.

Situations like this are very frustrating, the game was working fine when I switched to mobile data. However, I got a warning to switch back to WiFi. This happened when the downloaded file was about 170mb. This error continued to occur even after switching back to my WiFi connection.

After doing my researches, I found a way to get this problem fixed. I’m willing to share effective solutions with you. There are lots of PUBG users who will find this very helpful.

Fix: PUGB Error Codes 554762241 and 154140712

The solution to Error Code 554762241 can also be used to solve Error Code 154140712. What I’m about to pass to you can also be used to solve Free Fire error problems. Follow the procedures below to get this issue fixed.

  • Download any free VPN app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Launch the VPN app, and connect to a region with better energy capacity.
  • Open the PUBG Mobile Game.
  • Locate the ‘In-Game Serve’
  • Change it with respect to your region.
  • Restart PUBG mobile and play with ease.

There we go, you should be able to play this game comfortably after following this procedures.

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