How to Solve ‘Hamachi not working with Minecraft’ issue

hamachi not working with minecraft

Hamachi is a virtual networking platform where players from different locations meet to play games in real time. One of such games is the Minecraft.

A lot of Hamachi users are finding it difficult connecting with the Minecraft game. If you are one of such users of Hamachi faced with connectivity issues, you should check out the fixes described below in resolving connectivity issues associated with playing Minecraft game on the Hamachi server.

Fix: Hamachi not working with Minecraft issues

Solution 1: Upgrade to the latest version

If you are experiencing issues connecting with other players on the Hamachi, it may be because other players in the network are not running the same version with you. Every person on the network should upgrade to the latest version of Minecraft which also comes with bug fixes and new features.

Solution 2: Upgrade to the premium version

The free version of Hamachi does not accept more than five computers. If you are the 6th player trying to join a Hamachi server, you will get an error message. You can resolve this by upgrading the Hamachi server to the paid version. The standard plan for the paid version can support up to 32 players.

Solution 3: Use the correct IPV address

Using the IPv6 instead of IPv4 address can cause connectivity issues. You should follow the below procedure to check if you are using IPv4 address instead of IPv6.

  1. Check for the power button and click the icon next to the power button
  2. Copy the displayed IPv4 address
  3. Locate the folder with Minecraft installed in it
  4. Open the folder
  5. Search for ‘server-ip=’ paste the copied IPv4 address in front of the ‘=’ sign without any space.
  6. Save the folder as ‘serverproperties’ remove the dot between server and property without leaving any space.

Solution 4: Change your Firewall settings

  • Go to > Settings > Control panel > System and Security
  • Click on ‘Windows Firewall’ > ‘Allow an app through windows firewall.
  • Click on ‘Change settings’
  • Search for the file ‘jawaw.exe’ entry.
  • Make sure the private and public options are checked or ticked. (If there are two entries for ‘jawaw.exe’, you should do same for the second entry.)
  • Click OK.

Solution 5: Deactivate ‘MODS’

A lot of users have reported that using MODS interferes by casing ‘LAN not working’ error.

If you are experiencing connectivity, you should connect and play Minecraft without MODS.

Hope you resolved the ‘Hamachi not working with Minecraft issue’?

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