Top Five Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Defense In PUBG Mobile

defense in pubg mobile

PUBG has been one of the common games among game lovers. Almost every game lover have found PUBG very nice and addictive. Users love it for many reasons, some reasons are – because of its actions, the graphics, some even love it naturally. Interesting fact is that it was only made available in PC at first, its availability has now been extended. Now users get them from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Of recent, it has been introduced to Xbox and Sony PlayStation.

PUBG Mobile is based on survival. You want to survive? You’ve got to find a means to. In this game, about 100 players are dropped in the air into an island where they have to survive. The last man standing becomes the winner and is greeted the ‘Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner’. A player is expected to collect essentials like medic kits, guns, armours and many others. Surviving is winning, developing the required skills will help you to survive. I will now introduce some tips and tricks to help improve your defense and win the battle.

Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Defense In PUBG Mobile

  1. Select from Solo mode, Duo or SquadPUBG Mobile allows you to decide whether you want to play as a single player, in duo(two players) or in squad. In squad mode, four people can team up together for survival. To select your preferred mode, go to Select Mode > Team. Choose a mode from Solo, Duo or Squad and hit the OK button.
  2. Ensure Aim Assist is enabled – Only a professional would enjoy the game if Aim Assist is not enabled. Users should ensure to have it enabled as it helps when aiming for a kill. To do this, go to Settings > Basic > Aim Assist > Enabled.
  3. Enable Open Doors – This will help to escape assaults from the enemy in close encounters. To turn this on, go to Settings > Basic > Auto Open Doors > Enabled.
  4. Enable Left Side Trigger Button – This is useful when you are handling or knocking down an enemy. You can add a trigger by your left hand side and use it while knocking an enemy down. This can be done right in your Settings > Basic > Display > Left Side Fire Button > Always On.
  5. Decide Your Landing Spot Carefully – High loot spots are usually the high-risk zones. Landing on the right spot is very essential so as to avoid being hit by a bullet.

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