VLC Crashes When Playing DVD [Quick Fix]

vlc crashes when playing dvd

VLC crashes when playing DVD? This tutorial will show you a workaround.

VLC is a versatile media player, and its versatility is not limited to its cross-platform support. It’s capable of playing multi-format video and audio files from several media, including DVD among others.

However, a number of users have complained of a notorious crashing issue, which is typically encountered while playing DVD videos with VLC.

Resolving this is quite simple, and we’ll be showing you how in this tutorial.

Fix: VLC Crashes When Playing DVD

Solution 1: Check the DVD’s integrity

Often times, VLC is not the problem, but rather the DVD itself. So, try and load the DVD video (as an ISO image or physical disk) with a different media player or use another computer entirely.

If it fails to load or still crashes on the new player/computer, the DVD video’s integrity is probably comprised. However, if it loads just fine, without a hitch, you can proceed to fix VLC.

Solution 2: Reset to default

At times, this issue is caused by an instability, brought about a reconfiguration of the media player’s settings and preferences. So, try and reverse all changes, and see what happens.

To reset VLC:

  • open the media player.
  • select Tools.
  • click on Ctrl + P to open “Preferences.
  • select Reset Preferences and then confirm action as prompted.

Now, try loading the DVD again, and see if the crashing error is fixed.

Solution 3: Install the “libdvdcss” library

At times, it could be that the DVD you’re trying to play is encrypted (typical of most commercial DVDs). If this is the case, you may encounter crashes such as this (on startup).

To play such DVDs without hassle, you’d need the “libdvdcss” library to decrypt the embedded “CSS” (Content Scramble System) encryption.

To do this:

  • get the “libdvdcss” library package from here.
  • open a terminal window.
  • run the ‘sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh‘ command.
  • the library would be auto-updated in VLC.

Now, try playing the DVD again. If the problem persists, try and update or simply reinstall the latest version of the app.

Closing Note

If the problem persists after running the above fixes, the problem could be from your system. Hence, try and update your video drivers; free up RAM/disk drive; troubleshoot hardware/software; and upgrade system (as required).

Were you able to fix the “VLC crashes when playing DVD” problem? Drop us a comment below.

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