5 Secrets to Use in Clash of Clans and Dominate Your Rivals

The famous Clash of Clans has made fans all over the world ever since it was first launched. With its challenging gameplay, the title swears to delight players indifferent of their level of play. No matter if you are an expert or a novice, these Clash of Clans tips we put together here will help you compete and command over your rivals and get the best of the game.

We should note that the secrets below vary from very novice up to the expert side so pick the ones that can be applied to the level you’re currently at.

  1. Take your Time

The first tip that many players find challenging is to take their time when moving to upper levels. You don’t want to upgrade while you are still developing or lacking readiness regarding your defense and buildings.

  1. Save your elixir from attacks

There is a secret method to save your elixir even if your village gets attacked and you remain vulnerable: line up more troops in your barracks and ensure to keep the line as full as possible. If you don’t want the troops in the queue, you can also cancel them and eventually get the elixir in your bank.

  1. Use Your Shield

If your village is 40 percent destroyed while being attacked, you will automatically receive a twelve-hour long shield so you can recover. You will also get a four-hour shield if your base ends up being attacked until you get to a 90 percent damage.

Use this time to build up your defense forces and protecting towers, and not attack so you can be ready when the shield time expires. ​

  1. Get Revenge

Many players won’t take revenge and use this secret that enables you to explore someone’s city. The reason this is such a big secret is that you can utilize someone’s attack against them by observing the opponent’s village. Wait until the player loads up a lot of resources and attack them with every resource. This makes your attack a surprise, getting on them at their most vulnerable state.

  1. Defend With Lots Of Walls

A great defense strategy is to ensure you build many sets of walls and upgrade them as quickly as possible. From wooden walls, upgrade them to the following levels, especially if you have higher level rivals attacking you.

Hopefully, the tips we mentioned will help you protect your village and win over your attackers and opponents.

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