Avast vs SmadAV Antivirus: Which should you go for?

avast vs smadav

Avast antivirus and SmadAV antivirus are obviously two of the most reliable antivirus programs around. And this article will be looking at the similarities and differences between these two programs.

Both security programs have their strengths and weaknesses. However, Avast somehow edges SmadAV, with respect to its larger userbase, more advanced features and wide applicability among others.

In any case, this article will show you a succinct comparison of the features and pricing of these software.

Features & Benefits

Below is a summary of the features of Avast and SmadAV:

PlatformCross Platform – Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and moreCross Platform – Windows, macOS, Android and more
Userbase400 million+4 million+
ProtectionPrimary LayerSecondary Layer
AV StatusCore Antivirus Program.Supplementary Security/Protection
Scanning SpeedFastFaster
UIUser-friendlyFairly User-friendly
AV TestPassedNon-tested
Proprietary LanguageEnglishIndonesian (English is also supported)
External Drive ScanningYesYes (Better)
Wi-Fi InspectiomYesNo
Internet SecurityYesNo
Security ReportYesYes

Typically, as pointed out in the table above, Avast is a core antivirus program, and one of the best (so to say). It offers numerous best-in-class security features, which ensure that your computer is protected against any threat, even those from the internet. So, in virtually all aspects, it is better than SmadAV antivirus.

However, in certain aspects like protection against threats from external portable devices like USB/Flash drive, SD cards, and other external storage media or computers/devices, SmadAV is the better tool.

SmadAV scans for possible cyber threats (i.e. malware, virus, spyware etc.) in quick time, and fixes them as appropriate. So, if you need an antivirus to protect your PC against threats from external devices, SmadAV takes the higher ground (compared to Avast).

Generally speaking, SmadAV is best deployed alongside a standard antivirus, and it wouldn’t hurt to have it installed alongside “Avast” or another standard AV program like “Windows Defender”.

Price Comparison

Free VersionYesYes
Starting Price$19.99 per year per computer (Feature-specific)$4.00 per year (1 computer)
Closing Price$119.99 per year per computer (Avast Ultimate)$19.00 per year (10 computer)
SupportUp to 10 devicesUp to 10 devices
Money-back Guarantee30 days3 days

From the “pricing table” above, it’s evident that Avast is many times more expensive than SmadAV, and justifiably so.

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