Best Antivirus on the Market: Bitdefender or Norton?

Having a good and reliable antivirus on your device is very important. And we are sure that many times you have asked this question: which one is better – Bitdefender or Norton? It’s essential that you need to be safe online, and both products are high-quality and at a reasonable price. We made a comparison between the two of them, even if we see on the charts that Bitdefender is at the top of the list, and Norton is taking second place. That doesn’t mean that Norton isn’t good enough. Let’s see what both antiviruses could offer us.

  1. Better Protection

For finding out which one offers better protection, we have made some AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. The results were that both antiviruses were on top. For Protection, Performance, and Usability, Norton has scored 6 points, and Bitdefender scored 5.5 points. At the protection test, Bitdefender has scored 99.9 % protection rate, and Norton has scored 99.6% protection rate. Having these results, both Norton and Bitdefender are suitable for use.

  1. Will You Choose the One that Runs better on Your Computer?

For an antivirus to run smoothly on your device, you must know that the power of your computer will have a say. Having a powerful computer will give your PC more resources to spare. So, the test is showing that Norton has been ranked at 6 out of 6, and Bitdefender scored 5.5 from 6. But again, both antiviruses are good to use.

  1. An Easy Use

Having an application or program that runs good and has a reasonable price doesn’t mean it’s all. Both Norton and Bitdefender are built with a secure platform.

  1. The Price

Bitdefender offers an annual subscription pack: Bitdefender Antivirus Free, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus for  £39.99, Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 for £49.99, and Bitdefender Total Security 2019 for £69.99.

  • Norton doesn’t offer a free product, so we only have these options: Norton Antivirus Basic at  £29.99, Norton Security Standard at £49.99, Norton Security Deluxe at £69.99, and Norton Security Premium at£79.99.
  1. Conclusion

Both antiviruses programs are very good, safe, and easy to use, so it’s up to you ether you choose Norton or Bitdefender, even if the last one is on top of the charts, and Norton comes second. By having a lot of changes added to the programs, both of them are ready to be used by you.

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