Tips and Tricks to Fix WhatsApp Delayed Messages

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps, if not sitting in the top of the most popular messaging apps in the world. However, there have been a few complains saying that WhatsApp messages get on the phone late or after opening the app.

We listed 4 top solutions to this problem which are available on all WhatsApp versions, so if you have the aforementioned issue, take a look at these solutions.

  1. Disable Power Saver Apps or Mode

Multiple device providers such as Asus, Sony, and Samsung present their devices with battery save modes to essence maximum performance from the battery.

Some users have applications such as Battery Doctor installed on their phone to make the battery stay for a longer time. These apps are useful but that enhancement either reduce mobile data connection or the Wi-Fi connection as you switch the phone on sleep mode. Ensure you remove all these apps and turn off power saving mode and WhatsApp will again work perfectly.

  1. Disable Power or Permissions Monitor

Android smartphones get slow at receiving notifications from WhatsApp after turning on ‘Power Monitor’ or ‘Permission Monitor’ option. Follow the below steps to disable this mode.

Disable Permissions Monitor

– Go to ‘Settings’ on your device

– Find ‘Security’

– Go to ‘App Permission Monitor’

– Disable and totally turn off the ‘App Permission Monitor

Disable Power Monitor

– Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone

– Scroll down to ‘Device Maintenance’ and then go to ‘Battery’

– Click on the three points icon and select ‘ Advanced Settings’

– Disable ‘App Power Monitor’

  1. Enable Mobile Data in Background

The WhatsApp platform is regularly connecting in the background to the server to get new messages to you. Follow these steps to turn on background data in your device:

– Go to ‘Settings’ on your device

– Tap on ‘Mobile data usage’ – a window will show with all the apps and data usages

– Click on the WhatsApp version icon

– ‘Background data’ box will appear – tap on it

  1. Clean WhatsApp Cache

Deleting all WhatsApp data will provide you with enough memory. Follow these steps to clear the cache on your Android device:

– Go to ‘Settings’ on your device

– Scroll to find ‘Applications’ (or ‘Apps’) – click on WhatsApp after the window with all apps appears

– Tap on ‘Storage’ then on the ‘Clear Cache’ box

As you clear the cache, all your data, settings and conversations on WhatsApp will be deleted.

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