Five Reasons It Could Still Be a Good Idea to Use Windows 7 in 2023

Even though Microsoft hasn’t offered any kind of technical support for Windows 7 since January 2020, it can still be a good idea to use that operating system on a relatively old PC if you don’t necessarily want the latest software gimmicks and tweaks that Windows 10 or 11 have to offer. Many of the new laptops and desktop computers can’t even run Windows 7. Furthermore, you can’t even find drivers for many of the latest gadgets on the market if you want to install the 14-year-old operating system on them.

But guess what? Windows 7 has some hardcore fans, and some of them even plan to use the operating system forever, or as long as it will still be physically possible to install it. A lot of apps and games won’t work anymore on Windows 7 if you try that today, while a PC running the “ancient” operating system will be prone to many security risks. Even so, many people are willing to live with all those disadvantages.

Tens of thousands of companies still use Windows 7

Believe it or not, tens of thousands of companies still use Windows 7 on their PCs nowadays. That’s because Windows 7 is a very stable and mature operating system, and the computers of various companies that run it don’t care about the advantages of newer operating systems or if Windows 7 can’t run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for instance. Besides, perhaps in some situations, the main reason why Windows 7 is still being used by companies is that the workers won’t be tempted to waste their time on games and apps compatible with Windows 11.

If large companies prefer to comply with Windows 7, an average person can do it as well if that’s what they truly want.

Software compatibility

Windows 7 is renowned for working smoothly with those apps that are still compatible with it. On the other hand, some of the legacy apps and specialized software may not be fully optimized for the newer operating systems. Therefore, individuals and businesses relying on specific software that works great with Windows 7 may not find it justifiable to make the change to a newer operating system.

Use a potent antivirus

While using Windows 7 in 2023 can make you prone to a lot of cybersecurity risks, guess what you can do in such a case? Install a strong antivirus, of course, and avoid dubious websites! Surely, nobody can guarantee you that you’ll remain 100% safe online under such circumstances, but even so, you can definitely have a good chance of not getting your computer infected with malware just because you have Windows 7 on board.

While using Windows 7 on a computer in 2023, you can also use other third-party solutions, such as firewalls, in order to bolster your PC’s security. Microsoft not providing official security updates anymore for the 14-year-old operating system doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be discouraged from using it.

Resource efficiency

Newer operating systems, such as Windows 11, often bring powerful features, but they come at a cost for your system resources. On the other hand, “ancient” operating systems like Windows 7 are more lightweight, which can make it a great option for those who have older hardware or limited system resources. In other words, older computers running Windows 7 will work smoother and be more responsive than they would be if they ran Windows 11 or even Windows 10.

In the end, each and every person should decide if they will stick with Windows 7 in 2023 or not, as we all have different needs and priorities. It’s also true that Microsoft usually tries to convince more and more people to use the latest operating system, meaning Windows 10.


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