GTA 6 Official Trailer is AVAILABLE TO WATCH – What We Know So Far About the Game

If you are also among the millions of Grand Theft Auto fans who were eagerly waiting to watch the first trailer of the highly-anticipated GTA 6 game, well, it’s time to bring champagne alongside you because the wait is finally over! Rockstar has released the first official trailer of GTA 6. However, the footage should have come out a few months later, but a leak determined Rockstar to act sooner than expected.

Even so, there is still a lot to wait until GTA 6 comes out, as it’s scheduled to release at some point in 2025. There’s not even information about the month or the season in which the game launches, but that aspect will definitely be clarified in the coming months. It’s reasonable to expect that we’ll find out a precise release date in 2024.

Will GTA 6 come out only for consoles?

There’s plenty of evidence indicating that GTA 6 might be available only for consoles, at least for the first year of the game’s release. That’s because it might be too hard to adapt the game for the PC, considering its highly demanding graphics.

Just feel free to watch the trailer, and you’ll immediately know what we mean:

As you can easily conclude for yourself, both the gameplay mechanics and the graphics are out of this world. It’s clear that GTA 6 will raise the stakes a lot more when it comes to gaming standards. However, if you prefer playing games on your PC, you still shouldn’t lose hope, as the game might be adapted for powerful PCs as well at some point. Let’s not forget that the previous game of the series, GTA 5, also came out for consoles at first, while it was adapted for PC two years later.

Social media seems to play an important part in the long-awaited game, as it also happens out there in the real world. It was pretty impossible for Rockstar to neglect this aspect of the real world, as lots of people out there, especially young ones, are heavily into social media apps.

GTA 6 marks a return to Vice City

Just as it has been speculated in the online realm for months, GTA 6 will indeed mark a return of the franchise to Vice City, meaning fictional Miami. However, it won’t be that Vice City from the ’80s, as we’ve all seen in the insanely popular game GTA Vice City that came out more than two decades ago. Instead, the devs will focus on a much more modern Vice City, filled with elements of today’s world.

Only two protagonists in GTA 6?

It has been speculated that GTA 6 will apply the same unique recipe that exists in GTA 5 when it comes to the number of protagonists. GTA 5 remains the only game in the Grand Theft Auto series that has more than one protagonist character. But instead of introducing three protagonists as GTA 5 did, the upcoming GTA 6 game will most probably have only two: a guy and a girl who form a dangerous couple. They appear in both the trailer and on the cover screen, which means that it’s pretty hard to believe that there will be a third protagonist character in this game.

Keep in mind that GTA 6 is still under development, which means that the final version of the game can still be a lot different than what we can see at this point in the game’s first official trailer. Either way, let’s take a moment to be grateful and happy. Let’s celebrate that the legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise is indeed coming back with a brand-new game!

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