Top Fields on YouTube: What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Own Channel

Are you determined to start your own YouTube channel, as your mind is teeming with original and exciting ideas? If so, you’ve made it to the right place. Regardless of how interesting and original your ideas may be, you will still need to research the market a bit to see what the most successful domains are. In this way, you will know what kind of content you can bring to your future audience.

For instance, it’s very nice if you are good at speaking Latin. It’s a very old language and also the root of many languages today. Unfortunately or not, most people aren’t interested in speaking the language today, which means that even if you establish a YouTube channel to teach people how to speak Latin, you won’t have many followers.

Usually, the goal of making a YouTube channel is to make money, which means that, once again, researching the market and the latest trends is mandatory. Let’s find out which are the most successful fields on the famous streaming platform:


If you’re passionate about gaming, such as many other folks out there, go ahead and make a YouTube channel about your favorite games! You can make reviews on certain new games on the market, such as Gotham Knights, or you can simply video record your gameplay and share it with the world. Young people are crazy about gameplay videos, which means that you would surely get a lot of followers by simply playing the games you like. Who wouldn’t like to make money while playing games?

Comedy and sketches

Everybody out there enjoys a good laugh, and pretty much anybody can come up with his own jokes. You can apply your humor to pretty much anything you want, such as the news, other people’s YouTube content, and so on. Why not go ahead and satirize something or make some parodies? Everybody likes to laugh at something, so go ahead and do your best!

Product reviews

Before buying something online, people usually head over to YouTube to see a review in order to know as much information about a specific product as possible. Guess what? You can also land a hand in that direction and help others buy high-quality products. It doesn’t even matter what kind of products you wish to review, as people search for anything on YouTube. It can be clothing, makeup, books, tech gadgets, video games, food, drinks, and so on and so forth. It’s not even mandatory to show your face while you do those reviews if you have any anxiety issues. You can simply record your hands as you hold the products and speak about them. It’s certainly not rocket science!

Educational content

You might be good at singing with your voice or playing the guitar, or maybe you know how to speak German very well. That means that you can feel free to start a YouTube channel to share your knowledge with others. You might even be surprised to find out that such an idea will get you more money than you would make with private lessons. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be a lot better to share your knowledge with the entire world than just with a few people? That’s the beauty of being a YouTuber!

Web development/programming

A lot of people are into programming and web development these days, and if you have such knowledge and haven’t found a job in the field yet, why wouldn’t you upload your content on YouTube? Numerous people want to know how to build an app or a video game from scratch, as it’s a lot easier than it may seem as long as you know a bit of Python, JavaScript, or PHP. Feel free to try to teach others how to play around with those lines of code, as programming doesn’t necessarily have to be frustrating and annoying.


The tech world can be pretty puzzling, whether we like to admit it or not, and a lot of people will be willing to head over to YouTube to learn how to use a specific app, from installation to integrating it with other apps and so on. Let’s say you know how to play around with GitHub, for instance, and there are not many people out there who know the drill when it comes to this app. That’s your chance to benefit, so go ahead and make a YouTube video in which you explain how to handle GitHub!

That’s just one of the numerous examples that we could consider when it comes to tutorials on YouTube. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with tech, as maybe you’re good at something else, like cooking. That’s right, a lot of people head over to YouTube for cooking recipes as well, which means that you could also consider bringing your own contributions to the area if you also like to cook.

You got the idea: if you feel like you can bring original and valuable content on YouTube about any of the fields mentioned above, that’s great, as it’s only a matter of time until you get a lot of followers.

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As the leading voice behind, I'm Jose Brewer, a tech enthusiast and seasoned writer, passionate about unraveling the complexities of the latest technology for my readers. My journey in the tech world began with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, which opened the doors to a dynamic career in software development. This hands-on experience in the tech industry has been the cornerstone of my writing, allowing me to bring a rich depth of knowledge to my articles.

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