Make And Edit Your First Short Film With This Easy Movie Maker

re you an aspiring filmmaker? If you are, then at some point in your life, you must have thought about making the first short film for your career? Initially, the task may seem to be daunting, but it is not hard to make a movie if you move ahead with a little planning and management.

Mentioned below are some tips which will prove to be beneficial while you make your first short film. These tips and suggestions are easy to implement and are also very popular. Moreover, the first film you make won’t be heavy on your pocket since we have the perfect platform to help you through making and editing your short film.

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Tips on Making and Editing a Short Film

1. Understand your film

Before you begin making your film or editing your film, take time to understand the nuances of your film. Identify the parts you want to keep and how exactly you want to keep them. While editing also keeps other elements in mind like the tone of the film, the pace of the narrative, etc.

A good editor is always willing to take brave chances. Editing can be a frustrating task because deciding what to keep and what to dispose of can put the editor in a dilemma. However, be brave, dynamic, and do what feels right to you.

Modern editing software offers various tools that allow you to experiment with the film. Some creative editing techniques are:

  • Standard Cut

Also known as the basic cut, it allows you to put two different clips together in one sequence. It is the most common cut and is used in almost all editing projects.

  • Montage

A montage is an effective editing technique that allows you to juxtapose numerous shots in a fast-paced sequence. Montage is used to present an overall context of the film in a quick manner.

  • Cross Dissolve

A cross-dissolve technique allows the editor to indicate a passage of time or overlap multiple shots to create one scene. A very famous example of cross-dissolve is from ‘Apocalypse Now,’ the intro scene ‘The Doors, The End.’

  • Fade In/Out

This editing technique allows you to fade one clip into another. It is very commonly used to imply transitions like day/night, sunrise/sunset, etc.

2. Do not undercut

While editing removes all the unnecessary scenes like long pauses between actors, lengthy dialogues, long background music sequences, etc. This will help you keep your short film crisp and concise. A short, impactful film helps keep the audience’s attention.

3. Keep saving the original

While the editing of the film is necessary but make sure you keep saving the original version along the way. You might need to retrieve the disposed of clips or sound bites later. Save the deleted clips in a sequential order like deleted clip 1, deleted clip 2 to avoid facing confusion later.

4. Keep the duration shot

It is a difficult task to grasp the attention of the audience for a lengthy period. You can make a bigger impact with a short length movie than a long movie. The audience focuses and appreciates more the quality of the content, story narrative, and characters.

5. Equipment

Before you begin making your movie, put together a list of all the equipment you will need. Make sure you have all the gears well before in advance. Once you are on the location with the equipment, have extra batteries and accessories to avoid delays in the shoot.

6. Online Templates 

There is an online video editor free of cost, which offers pre-made templates. These short film templates easily available online are redefining the way movies are being made now. They ease the film making process with a variety of tools and editing techniques.

InVideo, for example, provides many templates that are easy to use, and the result is seamless professional-looking films. You can make and edit your film in the best way possible by selecting from a large range of variety like calendar films, brand videos, modern technology videos, fitness videos, real estate films, etc. InVideo is known for constantly adding new templates in their list, which are inspired by the best designers from all over the world.

On almost all online platforms like InVideo, you can request for custom made templates with specific requirements of colors, fonts, styling, etc. InVideo, for instance, specializes in offering brand-centric designs to companies and brands. The customers are charged depending on the complexity of their requirements, but it is very affordable and good value for money.

Some other custom made templates provided by platforms like YouTube movie maker are:

7. Cinematographer template

If you are a professional and want to display all your talents through a short film, then this template allows you to create one such film. You can edit your portfolio by using their classy color palettes of black, white, gold, etc.

8. Video portfolio template

This professional template comes in handy for filmmakers and directors who wish to create a video portfolio. The template is equipped with a powerful video player and a high-class sound system to retain the quality of your portfolio.

9. Family story template

Are you looking back in history and trying to trace the lineage of your parents and grandparents? These templates come with a customizable family tree and montage shots, which you can fill accordingly. It is a great way to surprise your family on their birthday with this short film template.

Wrapping Up

If you want to make a good first film, then you can use any one of the tips and suggestions mentioned above in the article. Also, do not forget to follow the tips as well to make a seamless and professional short film. However, do not stress, relax, give yourself time, and plan properly to achieve a good result.

Be patient with the edits since they can make or break a film and keep in mind why you started film making in the first place. Be driven by passion, but also look out for tools that will help you to execute your vision in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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