Dispatch Software: How It Works

Dispatch management in the world of trucking and shipment is a relatively easy task if a company is only running less than ten vehicles. It is an entirely different story if it involves a whole fleet comprising of hundreds and up to thousands of vehicles. The company will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work.

Dispatchers regularly face complex and demanding operational tasks in today’s fast-paced delivery environment. Dispatchers often work with various delivery providers manually across multiple dashboards without real-time integrations. This manual process makes their work significantly more difficult.

When the situation becomes more complicated, this is where dispatch software comes in to play. It frees dispatchers from manual processes.

Dispatch software provides a centralized way of managing deliveries or jobs. It gives the fulfillment department a real-time perspective of the entire delivery system, which allows them to work more efficiently and effectively.

What Is Dispatch Software And How Does It Work?

Dispatch software allows dispatchers to complete tasks that have been tiresome when done manually efficiently. The software is a system designed to help automate routing and scheduling procedures, which provides an effective and efficient way of managing routes and deliveries.

The software works by gathering data about various aspects of the business. For instance, once a booking takes place, the software compiles all the information about the job. The dispatcher can quickly obtain information about the role, such as the location, type of work, and what resources are needed.

Aside from the general information, the dispatcher can also dive into other vital details that may affect which driver to assign and when to schedule them. It includes information on whether it is a new or a repeat customer, feedback on the previous service provided, and the driver who previously worked on the job.

Dispatch software also includes a mobile app that provides dispatchers and drivers convenient communication. Through the app, dispatchers can quickly inform drivers of any issues and vice versa. Providing immediate and accurate updates regarding sudden changes or complications regarding the job becomes more manageable.

The mobile app also provides drivers on-the-go access to the dispatch software, which allows them complete control of their trips and gives them the convenience of reviewing the details from the job such as client requests, load details, etc.

Other Key Features

Aside from having the mobile app, dispatch software has various features depending on the software provider. Each dispatch software is designed differently and comes with a wide range of features that are beneficial to different types of businesses. Below includes a few of the most popular features offered by various software providers:

GPS Tracking

Understandably, GPS dispatch tracking and mapping sits on top of the list. Dispatchers can pinpoint the exact whereabouts and movement of their drivers. Keeping track of your drivers and monitoring their location is an integral part of running a fleet business.

Dispatcher won’t have to worry about drivers going off route and will no longer stress about drivers taking side trips. Unexplained late deliveries will most likely be less of a problem.

Through GPS tracking and mapping, dispatchers can predict traffic conditions and create optimized routes and schedules. It gives dispatchers real-time access to current traffic conditions, which allows then to reroute accordingly to provide drivers with the most practical and less problematic roads to take.

Store Data From Previous Jobs

The dispatching software allows drivers to enter notes for each job or each client. The records would most likely include feedback from the client. This feedback is easily accessible for the next driver to work on the job.

Efficient Drag-And-Drop Scheduling

Manual scheduling is a time-consuming task for dispatchers. With the drag-and-drop feature, dispatchers can easily view and assign available drivers to scheduled jobs.

Real-time Automated Notifications

Through automated notifications, dispatchers get timely updates about scheduled jobs, tasks, or even deliveries. Notifications also provide updates regarding future deliveries in advance. It allows dispatchers to solve issues regarding reschedulings quickly.

This feature also maintains task compliance via alerts. Dispatchers can easily track the progress of equipment or drivers by getting frequent alerts regarding information such as equipment failures, delays, detours, etc.

Electronic Sign-Offs

Dispatchers can quickly receive electronic signatures through the software. Instead of waiting for drivers to submit signed documents in bulk, dispatchers can receive signed documents in real-time, which provides an efficient way of managing records.

Aside from receiving documents efficiently, this feature provides an effective way of keeping materials. It is less costly considering that digital documents don’t require physical space for storage, and it is less likely to get lost, which makes retrieving and accessing papers a breeze.

Billing And Invoicing Assistance

Assistive billing and invoicing feature provides a fast and easy way of tracking and retrieving transaction documents. It monitors and calculates paid transactions. Also, the function provides an overall view of productivity and revenue.

Cost Optimization

The initiative of cost optimization gathers information from all aspects of the delivery process. It compiles them for easy consumption to identify the best ways to decrease expenses. This information includes vehicle performance, refueling costs, maintenance, etc

Customer Tracking Portal

Aside from dispatchers, customers can also view and track their deliveries through the software by simply logging in. The portal grants customers a convenient way to check their delivery status as opposed to the traditional way of calling or emailing the company to get updates.

In Conclusion

Dispatch software works by providing an economical, robust, and customer-centered way for dispatchers to manage deliveries. It includes all the operational tasks starting from getting job requests up to completing the task.

By reducing manual processes, dispatchers have more time to spend on analyzing and making strategic changes rather than spending so much time on tracking vehicles, creating schedules for deliveries, and handling service calls.

It is evident that having a dispatch software in place not only provides satisfaction to the customers but also affects employees. It increases work comfort for dispatchers and the entire workforce.

Whether the company offers field service, runs a fleet of trucks, or provides courier service, a dispatch software makes the operation more optimized and productive. Having the ability to work efficiently makes not only dispatch management, but the entire business process a stalwart. Staying ahead of the competition is one step nearer with the perfect dispatch software.

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