Xender not connecting on Windows PC? Here’s how to fix it

xender not connecting on windows pc

Xender is used to transfer files over Wi-Fi networks using the device’s hotspot. Xender is available for downloads on Google Play Store, iTunes store and other app markets.

Besides, Xender was established in 2011 to provide seamless connectivity between different devices across multiple platforms. Almost a billion users in the world use Xender to send and receive files.

Fix: Xender not connecting on Windows PC

Users who are trying to share files to/from a Windows PC sometimes encounters errors that prevent seamless file sharing.

Xender not connecting, can be due to several factors like not having both devices on the same Wi-Fi network, and using a VPN on one or both of the devices.

To resolve such errors, follow the recommended fixes below.

Solution 1: connect your Windows PC and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network

  • Disconnect your Windows PC from other Wi-Fi networks
  • Enable mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on your mobile device
  • Launch Xender from your mobile device
  • Go to Xender Web on your Windows PC
  • Scan the QR code to connect.
    • On your Window’s PC, make sure your Wi-Fi is switched on. Tap on the Wi-Fi key on your keyboard to switch on Wi-Fi on your Windows PC if it’s switched off.
  • Your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot should be discoverable by your Windows PC
  • Bring both devices to proximity

Solution 2: Turn off all VPN connection

VPN services are used to hide your privacy by making you anonymous and protect you while being online. Running VPN on any of your devices can cause a connection problem when sending or receiving files preventing successful file sharing.

  • Close all VPN apps before using Xender for file transfer for seamless file sharing.
  • Turn off your VPN connection before sending or receiving files using VPN.

Try pairing your devices for a seamless connection.

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