Advanced Tech Restaurant Owners Love: Employee Scheduling Software

We live in an age of fabulous digital inventions — pocket-sized devices keep us in touch with world events and with each other in real time, something once thought unimaginable. Everybody uses the technology they like in a way which suits them best, but if you’re a business owner it’s important to know how the newest technology can benefit your business.

Let’s take a further look at the latest technology being used today across North America by millennial-owned restaurateurs: employee scheduling software.

Perfect Schedules, Quickly

Like its name suggests, this software’s primary function is to create schedules that all staff will love in far less time than it would otherwise take — up to 80% less time, in fact. This means that your staff are spared the frustrating, time-consuming task of creating new schedules each week, and they’ll also love having schedules which reflect the demands of their personal life.

If you get employee scheduling software from 7shifts you can reduce the amount of time wasted by phone calls and texts required to create a schedule by 70%, something all your employees will appreciate.

Responsive Schedules

New technology is great when it performs important functions with more efficiency than was otherwise possible, and this is where employee scheduling software excels. The very instant your staff learn that they need a day off work, they can submit a remote request to their manager right away.

This is a win-win situation: your staff get more control managing their personal lives, while the restaurant always knows it is amply staffed in advance. High turnover rates is a major problem facing the restaurant industry, and technology that makes employees happy and helps retain them is an important addition to any restaurant.

Connectivity, Game-Changing Data

The newest employee scheduling software does a lot more than create schedules quickly: it also connects to all the popular POS systems used in North America, so the manager-facing dashboards supply management and executives with all the information they need to understand the economic health of each restaurant location.

Data is right at their fingertips, such as total sales, labor costs, labor percentage costs, and even things like the weather (which matters to seasonal restaurants) and feedback from staff. Anytime a manager makes a change to the logs, it’s reflected on everybody’s version, so all managers are in sync.

Essentially, this software gives managers a full perspective of what’s happening at their restaurant, supplying both a wealth of data as well as taking into account the eyes and ears of your frontline staff. This paints a very complete picture, providing actionable intelligence so that managers and executives always make important decisions from a place of real knowledge.

When introducing technology into your restaurant, it’s not enough that it be new or dazzling — it has to directly improve important functions so that the restaurant’s bottom line gets the boost it needs. While Millennial-aged restaurant owners have embraced employee scheduling software, because younger people tend to be more digitally-savvy, everybody who owns a restaurant can improve their operations by following their lead.

About the Author: Sharon J. Beaulieu

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