Telegram 5.10.0 Update Brought New Fascinating Functionalities to the App

​Telegram is rated as one of the safest and most used messaging platforms in the world. With more than 200 million active users in four years since it launched, Telegram offers instant, simple, fast, secure, and synced-across-all-devices messaging.

The messaging app receives regular updates, which always bring new features or improvements to it. The latest optimization, Telegram 5.10.0 update has already been rolled out and includes new fascinating additions, such as Slow Mode for groups.

Why is Telegram One of the Best Messaging Apps Out There

Telegram boasts being the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people through an innovative, distributed network of data centers all over the world.

A great function the app has it its ability to allow you to access your messages from all your devices at the same time. You can start typing on the phone and finish the message on your other device. This thing is pretty cool, right?

Also, Telegram allows you to send content without any limits set on their type and size. The chat history is not saved on the disk space on your device but securely stored in the app’s cloud. Another cool functionality, isn’t it?

According to security researchers and millions of users, Telegram is probably the most secure messaging app on the market. Everything on the app, including chats, media, and so on, is encrypted using a mix of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.​

Besides these cool features, Telegram enables you to create group chats with a maximum of 200,000 members. It even sets up bots for particular tasks and allows you to host online communities and to coordinate teamwork.

With its minimalist user interface, Telegram is incredibly easy to use, features powerful photo and video editing tools, stickers and emojis, and operates even on the weakest internet connections you could get.

The app is free to use, and for those wanting extra-privacy and security, Telegram has Secret Chats.’ Secret Chat messages can be set to self-destruct automatically from both the recipient and the sender’s device.

What’s New

Telegram 5.10.0 update brought new functionalities to the app, such as silent messages, group admin titles, and Slow Mode for groups.

The silent message function operates by holding the ‘Send’ button to send any message without sound, in case the recipient is sleeping. Users can now enable Slow Mode from Group Permissions to manage how often members can post.

Telegram 5.10.0 update also came with the possibility to set custom titles for admins, a new redesigned menu, which can be found by tapping the paperclip icon, and new animated stickers.

The final two additions are the possibility to preview thumbnails when cleaning a video, and animated emojis.

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