Download YoWhatsApp APK version 7.99 Anti-Ban with Latest Fixes

A large percentage of the planet uses WhatsApp to communicate over an internet connection. People use the app to communicate in the same city or even across continents. This is because the online messenger is very easy to use. It only needs a contact number to link with at that’s it.

There are also more features that just sending messages or making calls on WhatsApp. Files can be exchanged, secret conversations can be had, and your location can be shared with another person, to name a few features.

Vanilla WhatsApp issues

There are issues with the service because of the near-complete lack of flexibility and growth on the app. Large files could be sent up to 2017 but these transfers have been cut to a max file size of 16 MBs. Unlimited files can be sent but it’s just not practical.

Customization is also an issue with the vanilla version of WhatsApp. The app does allow the user to send a variety of GIFS and stickers but the UI cannot be modified. Alternative versions of WhatsApp are available for users to download that have the same features as the vanilla app but none of the restrictions. YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus are all alternative versions that offer something extra to the user.

The Ban

The official Whatsapp did not appreciate these alternate versions so they have cracked down and issued a ban on the users that were running them. Since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, the social media colossus has kept the app under wraps and not much progress has been made with it.

The devs that created the alternate versions have worked on creating a solution for making them available for users on a permanent basis. The newest versions of the apps, including YoWhatsApp 7.99 are built with an Anti-Ban feature so active users will not have their apps suddenly be unavailable.

The fix has been working for some time now. If you have been previously banned, uninstall your version of WhatsApp and install the new 7.99 Anti-Ban version.

YoWhatsApp version 7.99 Updates

  • Fixed Not enough space message
  • Fixed Recording Crash
  • Fixed com.yowa cannot add custom stickers
  • Fixed Deleted message icon not showing
  • Fixed White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call
  • Fixed Google Play Service error message on registration

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