5 of the Best Audio-to-Text Converter Apps on Android

best audio to text converter apps

In this post, we will show you some of the best Audio-to-Text converter apps for Android users.

There are different occasions where you have to convert your audio speech to text. It saves you the stress. Sometimes it makes work faster. A lot of people cannot do this manually. So Technicians and developers have made it possible with the creation of the Audio-to-Text converter.

This means of converting Audio-to-Text has been very helpful to many individuals, both work-related and personal activities. What the app does is to capture speeches or audios and simply produce them in text format.

We have so many Audio-to-Text converters. These apps work very well, while some others fail to satisfy users. Nevertheless, check out this list of the best Audio-to-Text converters.

Best Audio-to-Text Converter Apps for Android users

  1. SpeechTexter

SpeechTexter is just one good app to convert your audios to texts. The developers added some amazing features that make the app reliable for users. SpeechTexter can be used for online and offline activities. This implies that you can switch to the offline recognition mode. Also, users can send SMS, texts, and tweets with this app. The benefits are satisfactory.

  1. Voice Notes

Voice Notes specify in creating short notes for specific purposes. This app allows you to transcribe audio to text, and even save for later use. Voice Notes comes with some inbuilt features like reminder setting and colored tags. Also, importation and exportation of notes are possible with this app. It’s worth using.

  1. ListNote

ListNote helps to do note-taking. This app will transcribe audios to automatically note them down for you. The inbuilt features make it fun to use. These features include encryption of notes, password placement, indexed notes, and many others. ListNote does not require any cost when downloading the app.

  1. Voice Text

Voice Text is mainly for sending and receiving messages. It’s not necessary to study any voice command. It captures audios on the go. This app also serves as one of the best alternatives. However, it requires the internet to carry out tasks.

  1. Speechnotes

As the last on the list, this app has wonderful features. Speechnotes offer a unique note-taking when recording. It gives the note a perfect structure by implying punctuation marks when necessary. Offline recognition is also supported as well as Bluetooth.

In short, all these apps can be used to achieve Audio-to-Text converting. Most of them have similar features while others stand out.

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