Plants vs Zombies Free 2.5.00 Launched With Many Novelties And Performance Enhancements

Probably the best game for your daily commute, in case you use public transport, Plants vs Zombies Free has become something of a classic game. The way it managed to do that is by being incorporated as an easter egg in other productions such as the massive hit, Dragon Age: Inquisition, as well as flooding the internet as memes, marking it as a pop-culture element.

The newest version, Plants vs Zombies Free 2.5.00, caters very well to zombie lovers or haters I should say. That’s because you use plants to kill them in imaginative ways. Everybody likes to kill a zombie for some strange reason. There are a whopping 49 plants available in the game to murder 26 types of zombies.

Why is Plants vs Zombies Free an excellent game?

  • Levels – There are 50 whole levels to play on, so you can kill zombies over and over again but with a slight twist every time. The Adventure mode has you fighting zombies through all kinds of weather effects, and fog is the spookiest. You can even challenge them in a swimming pool or on a rooftop. Test your skills in Survival mode where you fight waves of never-ending zombies.
  • Zombie variety – Not just regular old, slow walking zombies here. A nice variety of undead will race towards your plants, possibly to eat them. Each of the 26 zombie types has a particular skill or characteristic. The pole-vaulters are the funniest.
  • Smart Zombies – The undead will hit you from every angle and will also distract you by jumping and dancing towards your front line defenses. The Almanac will provide you with some simple tactics to overcome certain zombie types.
  • Upgrades – You can unlock 49 types of plants by playing the game. You get these as the game progresses in terms of levels. Collecting coins will allow you to buy a pet snail that will guard your front yard.

What’s New in Plants vs Zombies Free 2.5.00?

According to the official release notes of Plants vs Zombies Free 2.5.00, the following novelties are available now:

  • A redesigned home screen – Find your favorite content or game modes faster than ever

  • Level replays: Go back and play your favorite levels – through day, night, fog and more – with a single tap using our new level selector

  • We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes updates to protect your brains. As always, thanks for playing.

As revealed, the new Plants vs Zombies Free 2.5.00 update brings some performance enhancements, as well. The latest version of the game is already available on the Google Play Store.

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