Gmail 2019.08.04.263630132 Update For Android Launched With Improvements

In recent years social platforms have started to become the primary means of communication over the internet. While they are quite popular, many companies and professionals continue to rely on email services for business communication. Gmail is lately the most popular email service, and, recently, Gmail 2019.08.04.263630132 launched with several improvements.

Email services are more practical since they offer a variety of useful features, including the ability to send large files, create and send promotional messages to specific user bases, schedule meetings, and use custom addresses.

Another advantage stems from the fact that advanced features are also available for corporate customers in exchange for a reasonable fee. Most users and smaller companies should be happy with the default version of the service. Gmail is a robust email service provided by Google. A selection of highlighted features can be found below.

Gmail Features

  • A handy schedule feature – We have all been there. You have to send a message at a specific hour, but something came up, and you don’t have time. The schedule feature will allow you to write a message and set a particular time of delivery. Once the task is completed, the email will be sent automatically.
  • Transfer emails between tabs – Gmail allow users to organize emails with the help of several tabs. You can move emails from one tab to another by dragging them from one tab to another without problems.
  • Temporary emails – Gmail features an excellent confidential mode which allows users to add a unique timer to an email. After the time is up the email will vanish into thin air, keeping practical information safe.
  • Save attachments – Users can save attachments to Google Drive with a single tap or click. It’s a great feature since it will keep your devices free from unnecessary files, but they remain accessible in a convenient manner.
  • Synch emails – The Gmail app will synchronize 30 days of emails automatically, but you can set a custom interval between 1 to 999 days.

Gmail 2019.08.04.263630132 Comes With Improvements

The latest version of the app, Gmail 2019.08.04.263630132, comes with new performance fixes and improvements. You can already download the new Gmail 2019.08.04.263630132 update for Android from the Google Play Store.

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