Best UC Browser Alternatives​​ Available to Download

UC Browser is among the most used web browsers on the market. The platform can make the pages load fast and have numerous unique features. Even so, in terms of privacy and security, UC Browser is among the worst perps. The browser shows random fixed notifications and pop-up advertisements, and it also has a history of data leaks and indictments of providing user browser history and other private information to China without the user’s permission or knowledge.

Fortunately, UC Browser is not the only platform that loads the web pages rapidly, and other web browsers are also safer. Here are our top four recommendations of safe and rapid web browsers alternatives.

  1. Brave Browser

Brave for Android is a browser highly focused on security and privacy. Moreover, it can automatically divert unsecured pages to HTTPS using HTTPS Everywhere, and it also blocks ads and other trackers.

The browser comes with built-in data optimization methods to minimize data consumption. Other feature highlights are private browsing, script blocking, and much more. If you are looking for a feature-complete browser that accepts no compromises, Brave is the best alternative for you.

  1. CM Browser

CM Browser is quite renown in terms of browsing speeds and for its unique feature called ‘Smart Download.’ When using the Smart Download feature, the browser can identify playing videos and allows you to download them with a simple tap. Moreover, the platform has built-in basic malware protection that notifies you of any malicious website.

One of the most unique features the CM Browser has is the option to set the app to automatically clean the history as soon as you exit it. ​Other worth-mentioning features include a built-in translator, customizable home screen, ad blocking, and so on.

  1. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is not your common browser that loads web pages rather quick. The platform has numerous useful features that are built-in, with some including a password manager, note-taking tool, email manager, night mode, and more.

The web browser also compresses the pages to save data consumption, and you can save even more data by turning on the Smart Image Display feature. When enabled, the feature only allows the loading of images in low quality or only when needed.

  1. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is among the oldest and most renown web browsers on the market. In terms of fast web browsing on slow connections and helping save data by compressing web pages and images, Opera Min is perhaps the most popular browser.

Similar to CM Browser, Opera Mini enables you to download online videos with a simple tap of a button. Then again, Opera Mini packs all the features and options you would search in a good web browser. Other features worth mentioning is the smart download attire,​ tab gallery, night mode, ad blocker, and so on.

However, some users have reported that the browser doesn’t load specific websites under certain circumstances, more so when there are JavaScript elements such as Captch or JavaScript redirects.

Aside from that, Opera Mini is a quite great web browser that does its job.

These are our four recommended alternatives to the UC Browser. All the web browsers are focused on security and privacy, so they make a pretty good deal.

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