Doom Eternal Trailer Revealed More About The Game’s Multiplayer Mode

The iconic game Doom has been given new life by Bethesda and ID Software in 2016. Unfortunately, the game’s multiplayer mode was not well received by players. This was something of an issue, as a first-person shooter like Doom is best enjoyed in a multiplayer scenario. Doom Eternal could change that.

Doom Eternal release date

Doom Eternal is the sequel to the 2016 game and it will hopefully pick up the slack in the multiplayer department. The game will launch on the 22nd of November and will feature a single-player mode as well as a 2v1 multiplayer.

The game will be available on Windows, consoles, Switch, and Google Stadia. There will be 6 initial Battle Mode maps but free downloadable content will be added later.

Doom Eternal multiplayer

How the 2v1 multiplayer works is that one player will be spawned as Slayer, the series protagonist, and the other two will be demons. The demonic players will be presented with a choice. As they have a selection of 5 demons to choose from.

Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. The Pain Elemental has increased mobility due to its flight and the Mancubus is good for tanking.

Doom Eternal strategy

The gameplay trailer has revealed that the battle will have to be strategic for both sides. If any side wants to win the match, no rushing in like a madman is recommended. Leeroy Jenkins style.

The Slayer has access to powerups and health regeneration based on the style of his kills. Demons can be sneaky with their use of traps. They can also call upon the AI to step in and help by throwing minions at the Slayer.

The winning condition for the Slayer is by killing one of the demons, starting a 20-second timer and kill the second demon before the time runs out. If he is unsuccessful, the first demon is able to respawn. The winning condition for the demon players is just to kill the Slayer.

Doom Eternal sound like a lot of fun, and it would make the Doom series’ fans happy. See the Doom Eternal multiplayer trailer below:

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