Best Android Games for Kids [For Kids Only]

best android games for kids

Smartphones usually are not for Kids or the underage. However, the platform is rapidly growing into a much bigger center for Kids with varieties of Apps and games to meet the yarning of younger populace along with hardware specifically designed for the Kids.

Gone are days, when Kids had to go out in search of the ground to play games or had to buy a board game. With the ever-growing trend of smartphones and surplus data bundles, most parents are more inclined towards encouraging their Kids to play games on smartphones.

It is essential to note that Kid’s age can range between three or four years old to twelve years old. Hence this list may feature games that are more complex or difficult for younger kids or easy to assimilate for older kids.

Best Android Games for Kids

  1. Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go is an adventure game that will not only develop your kid’s interest but also boost their brain development. It involves the exploration of the ruins of ancient civilization and overcoming challenges. The game is played with the easy swipe to move controls.

  1. Alone

The game is for kids with interest in watching space cartoons. Alone is a handcrafted, intense survival journey through space, featuring navigate caves, rocky debris and al other associated adventure obstacles.

  1. Toy Story: Smash it

The game is one of the leading games of interest to kids with educational apps. You need to dismantle toy based structures to earn points and advance to the next stage. This game is for kids of all ages.

  1. Tornado Time Free

The game is simple in scope, as there’s only one stage and the main objective is to destroy as much of the town as possible. You aim to earn the highest score possible with a repetitive type of set-up.

  1. Road Trip – Endless Driver

This game may seem like another endless runner type, but the design of the numerous blocky impediments with simple swipe controls makes it different and unique. The various and outrageous crash scenario makes it more amusing to kids during play.

  1. PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes

PJ Masks is an endless runner game that is easy for kids to understand. It features three heroes from the Disney Junior TV series. Each of the characters has its unique ability for movement – Flies, crawls on a wall, and the other is super-fast.

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