6 of the best Google URL shortener alternatives

best google url shortener alternatives

goo.gl is well known for its use in shortening links to web sites. However, there are tons of fantastic link shortener aside of Google’s goo.gl you can switch to.

Best Google URL Shortener alternative

  1. TinyURL

TinyURL has been available for more than 18 years, and it is one of the best URL shorteners to date. Although TinyURL does not give the shortest URL string, but is easy and convenient to use. Its toolbar button on browsers makes it easy for users to get a short link quickly. However, TinyURL is not reported to have tracking abilities.

  1. Bit.ly

    Bit.ly is also one of the oldest and best URL shortener available to track URL and check click metrics. To use Bit.ly, the user visits Bit.ly, paste in the long URL and instantly gets a short ‘bit.ly’ link. For Amazon products, the long links are changed to ‘amzn.to’ link. Bit.ly service is free, but users can open an account with Bit.ly which they can use to monitor all links.

  1. AdF.ly

    AdF.ly is designed to help advertisers track campaigns and make their links more professional. Users can use AdF.ly’s home page to shorten long URL but can also open an account with adf.ly and get paid for every click made on the user’s link through adf.ly’s platform.

  1. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a site with various resources to help digital marketers. Small SEO Tools features the following:

  • An efficient and simple-to-use URL shortener
  • URL rewriting tool
  • SEO checker
  • Other varieties of tools to help search engine marketers and content marketers. But users cannot keep track of their URL activities.
  1. Shorturl.at

Shorturl.at is one of the fastest and easiest shorteners to use on the web. It is a free tool to use to generate short URL links for blogs, social media link, etc.

  1. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a URL shortener that can also be used to customize links and use them as references over the web wherever they are posted. E.g., a customized link can be used to link to a specific page and can be used on blog pages, ads, or business cards.

In addition, users can also use Rebrandly’s dashboard to keep track of URLs’ activities. Using Rebrandly is free, users will be charged $29 monthly after using up to 500 links and five custom URL. With $29 monthly, users can get more links, more custom URL, and generated reports.

Lastly, other notable URL shorteners such as ShoutAbout, Capsulink, etc can serve as goo.gl alternatives.

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