WhatsApp vs. iMessage – Availability Across Platforms

These days, the world is divided into WhatsApp users and iMessage users, creating a competition between the two messaging applications. As we haven’t decided yet which is better, we created a list that compares the two and we will let you decide the best one.

WhatsApp vs. iMessage

  1. Availability across platforms

WhatsApp is available not only on Android devices, but also on iOS devices, Windows 10, macOS , BlackBerry and Symbian platforms. You use your phone number to create an account, therefore you cannot use it on various devices, but you can log in by scanning the QR code from your phone. You can access WhatsApp also on your web browser due to its WhatsApp Web option.

iMessage is available on iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, and Apple Watch, that is only Apple devices. You cannot access iMessage on your web browser, but you can sync the app on all your Apple devices. If your friends use other types of devices except Apple ones, thought luck. You have to find another way to contact your friends.

  1. User interface

The first thing WhatsApp does after the setup is to find all your contacts that use WhatsApp and create a contact list on the app. It has a great variety of features, such as sending messages, photos, videos, voice recordings, documents and making audio and video calls.

iMessage allows its users to message, call or FaceTime their friends, provided that your friends also have an Apple device. iMessage users can also utilize Animoji to design and send animated characters that borrow your voice and your facial expressions. Also, there is Memoji.

  1. Security

Both apps have end-to-end encryption to keep your data safe.

WhatsApp utilizes end-to-end encryption for everything, even for voice and video calls. What’s more, no one can access the conversations, not even the developers. WhatsApp users can check if the messages that they receive are from someone they know and not from someone else that pretends to be your friend.

iMessage, while using the end-to-end encryption, can negate this feature if its users have an iCloud account that backups everything, including all iMessage data. Also, this type of encryption is achievable only of the recipient also uses an Apple device. If not, the messages are not encrypted.

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