Opera Mini 44.0.2254.141977 Rolled Out With Stability And Performance Improvements

Opera Mini, developed by Opera Software AS, is a mobile web browser. Nothing unusual so far, right? But it now comes Opera Mini 44.0.2254.141977 version, having some of its features improved.

Opera Mini was, at first, designed for the Java ME platform, but it is now developed to work exclusively on Android and iOS. Before these two big operating systems, Opera Mini worked on Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Bada. I know I said the word ‘worked,’ but these versions of Opera Mini are still working on these OS, even they have not being developed anymore.

How does Opera Mini work?

Opera Mini works due to Opera Software’s compression server processes. The browser makes the requested web pages smaller before sending them to the smartphone. 90% is the compression ratio, so the transfer speed is doubled or tripled. It sounds charming, but, even so, we must admit that are some sites that don’t work as smooth as we expect.

The developers bragged with the Opera Mini having 168.8 million users in 2012, and over 300 million unique Opera Mini active users in 2013. That’s a hell of an increase! The developers state that Opera Mini is the best browser for Android version 2.3 and up, for phones and tablets.

Opera Mini beta has a natural look, and the devs want it to be more intuitive. With a simple design and a faster response, this beta version intends to enhance your browsing experience. Opera Mini is free of charge, so you can easily install and test this version.

What is new in Opera Mini 44.0.2254.141977?

Opera Mini 44.0.2254.141977 now comes with various stability and some of the performance features improved for you to have a more relaxed and fast experience with the browser.

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