GTA Online Casino – No Slot Machine Winners, And Here’s Why

The GTA Online fandom is a big fan of the extravagant ‘The Diamond Casino & Resort,’ the latest update of the game. If you are a gambling lover, you will find a hoard of table games, including slot machines. While trying to win the jackpot of slot machines, the gamers are also entertained by players cussing and cheering at the machines, loud music, and other players.

More about the slot machines in GTA Online

A different GTA-TV movie or show is the theme of each lot machine which offers a bigger entertainment level. While in the premises of the casino, Rockstar Games discouraged players from engaging in violence fixing an issue. The experience of the game used to get ruined by cussing that would turn into violence after this rule was included.

Three card poker, roulette, and blackjack are other table games people can play, but it happens that the NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) are bigger winners than the actual players, and this has been noticed.

What is the problem?

The algorithm of the slot machines has been decoded by the NPCs, which takes the gamers’ chances to win something. If players manage to spin three of the same symbols in a row, they received prizes from the virtual slot machines. The NPCs could not spin the wheels as fast as the players and still win more than them and that is not fair for the players who spend hours trying yo go home with something more in their pockets.

As soon as a gamer camouflaged himself as one of the NPCs wearing similar clothes, he got away with three cherries with a single spin the moment he entered the GTA Online casino. Unfortunately, this is not how the game should work as it is not fair for players.

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