Call of Duty Black Ops Update to PS4 and Xbox

Console users will be delighted to find out that a brand new update is coming this week for PS4 and Xbox. The new Pandemic mode is being released for PS4 and Xbox One is getting full patch notes to see what’s new.

The PS4 update will not role out to everyone on the whole planet at once. Instead, it will roll out in waves. So, expect to get in sooner or later, probably by the end of the day. Xbox users will need to wait even more for the Pandemic mode as one more week is needed for the update.

Operation Apocalypse Z Rising

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will see even more content updates for Operation Apocalypse Z Rising. This will come to console users within the week. Zombies mode is the primary feature of the update, enhancing the gameplay experience in multiplayer and Black Ops scenarios.

Pandemic mode

This will be a major component of the update and will also be available for a limited time. The objective of the mode is to survive against waves of enemies and zombies. The tricky part is that enemies who are killed will come back to kick you as zombies. It’s Game of Thrones all over again. Or the Scourge in Warcraft 3 for old school gamers.

Call of Duty Black Ops 5 Patch Notes for Xbox and PS4


  • Infected: Final Stand added to Featured Playlists (PS4).
  • Support added for M16 and Havelina AA50 weapons (PS4).
  • Weapon tuning for S6 Stingray Operator Mod.
  • Fix for Daemon 3XB Mastercraft leveling bug.
  • Featured Playlist updates on all platforms.


  • Pandemic limited-time mode now live (PS4).
  • Tactical Bike vehicle added to main map (PS4).
  • Standard Alcatraz playlist replaces Alcatraz Horde (PS4).
  • Added three Ray Gun MKII variants to Mystery Boxes.
  • Wall buy weapons added to all Zombies-related locations.
  • Added new Zombies-inspired Easter Eggs to both Blackout maps.
  • Reduced the number of rockets required to destroy vehicles.
  • Featured Playlist updates on all platforms.


  • “Duck and Cover” Gauntlet now live for “Alpha Omega” (PS4).
  • M16 and Havelina AA50 weapons added to Mystery Box (PS4).
  • Armory support added for M16, Havelina AA50, and new MKII Weapons (PS4).
  • Significantly improved damage for Reaver C86, Argus, and Locus.
  • Added Ray Gun MKII to the Mystery Box in “Blood of the Dead” and “Classified”.
  • Added penetration to standard Ray Gun MKII blasts.
  • Gameplay improvements and fixes for “Alpha Omega”, “Blood of the Dead”, Blood Wolf Bite, and Ballistic Knife.


  • 60 new Tiers of Contraband rewards (PS4).
  • M16 and Havelina AA50 now available in Ultra Weapon Bribes and Reserves (PS4).
  • Improved normal Contract reward rate.

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