New Tech Innovations of 2019 that Could Change the Future

Today’s world is thirsting for new tech and companies and creative people do not disappoint. Innovations are made in order to help the world to become better and easier to live in a place, not only from a social point of view, but also from an economic one. There are a few interesting technological innovations that came into view in 2019 that have the potential to become a solution to today’s challenges.

Let’s see some of these new technologies and how they can change society.


Bioplastics are plastics obtained from biomass sources that are inexhaustible, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, straw, woodchips, food waste, among others. Bioplastic can be created from agricultural byproducts and plastic bottles.

Bioplastics advocate a circular economy which utilizes lignin or cellulose from plant waste.

Social Robots

Robots have come to be of much help in the lives of humans, as they are able to look after the elders and to tutor children. They can do that because they can acknowledge and understand emotions, faces, voices and make sense of gestures.


Metalenses are ultrathin, lightweight and planar lenses that are able to achieve diffraction-limited focusing with subwavelength resolution. These metalenses are part of computers, electronic devices and mobile phones.

Drugs for slowing down disordered proteins

The disordered proteins are the ones that lead to cancer and are quite hard to treat. Researchers were able to slow down their activities in order for the medicine to work out.

Ecologically friendly fertilizers

There are many fertilizers that are able to deliver nutrients at a slow pace to help plants grow, but they are comprised of substances that are not good for the environment. A new type of eco-friendly fertilizers has just showed up and they could help more the ecosystem.

Collaborative Telepresence

People are now able to feel the touch of other people in video conferences. This innovation can be very helpful in the medical field.

Food tracking and packaging

This tech allows people to pinpoint the origin of contaminated food before it end up on people’s plates.

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