Pokemon Go August 2019 Community Day Rumors Emerged

Niantic has been working overtime with all sorts of promotional materials and events for Pokemon Go this summer. But they are not done yet, as rumors are flying around which Pokemon will star in the Pokemon Go August 2019 Community Day.

The July Community Day has already been marked, and players are eagerly expecting the next one. The August promotion will most probably feature a non-starter Pokemon. That has been evidenced from the start of the Community Day promotion in January 2018 where even months have not featured a starter Pokemon.

August is an even month, so be sure to expect the unexpected. Where Mudkip had been guessed to appear before he made his arrival, the August Pokemon is undoubtedly a mystery.

Which Pokemon will star in the Pokemon Go August 2019 Community Day?


This emotion-based Pokemon has been expected to star in previous events during the first half of 2019 but has not shown up so far. Ralts qualifies for headlining the event due to having the possibility to evolve in three stages. As all Pokemon did in past events with a few notable exceptions. A Sinnoh stone is required for his evolution, which is something Niantic promotes.


This Pokemon is also in contention to make an appearance as he was also expected in the recent past. Believe it or not, Trapinch is an insectoid type Pokemon. But still, he manages to look cute, probably resembling an ant or something. His large moth can easily crush rocks, but he does not present much of a threat. His evolved form does make him more aggressive, though.


This is one Pokemon that has not been the subject of rumors this past year as he is a 4th gen creature that appeared in March 2019. He has become a favorite among fans since then. Gible would make for a welcomed addition to the Pokemon Go August 2019 Community Day as he would be very useful in a battle. Something evidenced by his enraged half shark, half Koala bear appearance.

Be it as it may, Pokemon Go August 2019 Community Day would be exciting.

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