How To Fix Smartphone Charging Slowly Issue

Although not as worse as fast battery drain, the smartphone charging slowly is quite the annoyance in this dynamic, tech-heavy time we are living in. With a whole lot of uses for smartphones and a whole lot of sensitive components, it’s easy for something to go wrong.

All devices are vulnerable to slow charging issues, no matter the brand or age. All smartphones are subjected to the same issues. Below you will find a list of 5 problems and fixes for smartphone charging slowly.

Fix Smartphone Charging Slowly Issue With These Quick Methods

The Cable

This is the most straightforward issue for slow charging and the easiest to fix. USB charging cables receive harsh treatment even while charging at home. Not to mention while traveling. Furthermore, they are not built to last. Not even the official ones from your manufacturer.

Some third-party cables could be the solution here as some are designed for constant wear and tear, being built from very high-quality materials. Spending a little bit more for a durable cable could solve a lot of headaches.

The power source

How each person charges their device dictates how the battery fills up. Many people use laptops, and it’s easy to pop your phone to charge on a USB drive. This is painfully slow, and you should not do it.

Another thing you probably should not do is use Qi charging if you want fast speeds. It’s a high technology, elegant and convenient. But its current form does not allow for a quick charge. Not to mention the restriction of having your phone on a pad the whole time.

For fast charging, use a wall plug. Preferably one that is not in an old building that has an old electrical system.

The Charger or Power Adapter

The actual charging adaptor is not usually the culprit for slow charging, but that does not mean it does not happen. Its only job is to regulate the voltage from the plug into your device. Each manufacturer has a specific charging requirement, so it’s best to stick with the stock adapter.

The Smartphone

Smartphones do not age well. As dust gets into the charging port, it obstructs the process, so getting your phone clean once in a while would be a good idea. A battery also has a specific number of charges until it does not perform as efficiently. This usually happens after two years. Change your battery if you want the same brand new performance.

You may have noticed your friend’s newer phone performing better and charging faster. This is because it is equipped with fast charging, evidenced by a little lightning bolt on the charger.

The user

It is straightforward for a user to drain their battery without any just cause. Which, in turn, leads to more charging time. Action economy is good for the technology we currently have. So, using your phone when you need to is best.

For better results and tackle smartphone charging slowly, turn down the brightness, turn off data or WiFi when not using your phone, turn off the location or even activate Airplane Mode when you are not expecting any calls.

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