Google Earth Is Available With Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements

In the age of the internet and streaming, many people likely have at least one smartphone.
The smart devices come with lots of useful features, including the ability to take pictures, record videos, stream and play media content, use social media platforms, and much more. Google Earth, for its part, is meant to help you navigate around the world. Google Earth rolled out with bug fixes and performance improvements.

When you visit the market app, you will find a wealth of apps, games, and content which are waiting for you, some for free and others with a premium price tag. When most smartphone users think about Google they will tend to link the tech giant to one of its popular services and their app equivalents: YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive are just a few of the names which may come into their mind.

Google Earth Features

There is a lesser-known app which can be quite useful and entertaining. Google Earth is a brilliant app that allows users to take virtual tours across the world from the comfort of their own house. Below you can find more about the app and its impressive features:

  • Take a trip around the world – Google Earth uses advanced technologies and images obtained from satellite and on-site recordings to offer an enjoyable experience. Look from above and the African jungles, admire some of the most remarkable constructions made by humans or bask in the timeless architecture of some of the largest cities in the world.
  • Examine an area layer by layer – One of the most exciting features offered by the app is the ability to enable and disable several layers, including roads, weather, places, and others. By toying with the layers, you can get a different perspective of a particular place and area and learn fascinating things.
  • Track down a specific place – Enter an address or coordinates to track down a particular point of interest in less than one minute. In most cases you will gain access to a satellite view of the area and more details may be available.

Google Earth Update Is Out With Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements

Many updates come with new features and some visual changes. However, Google Earth is only meant to improve user experience with several under the hood enhancements.

Accordingly, Google Earth brings a variety of bug fixes and performance improvements. You can already download the new Google Earth update from the Google Play Store.

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