Clash Royale: July Update Brings the Highly Expected Pass Royale and More

The famous Clash Royale’s July update patch notes have finally rolled out. The newest update brings with it a variety of new features and cosmetics, including the most significant addition: Pass Royale. Here is everything the game got with the latest update.

The definite highlight of the July update for this year is the implementation of the Pass Royale, a new feature. What this means is that Clash Royale July update is coming with a seasonal battle pass to the game. Players can now get rewards like the Season 1 Tower Skin, the ‘Shark Tank Tower Skin,’ that be purchased for the King Tower and Princess Towers.

There’s also a brand new emote in the Clash Royale July update: the ‘Fisherman’s freshwater friend’ reportedly has a mean left fin.

Another significant change brought by the Clash Royale July update is some tweaks to Crown Chests. Crown Chests are currently earned in the free level of the Pass Royale. A single level will unlock every 24 hours on weekdays, and two levels will unlock on weekends. Crown Chests will pile not only once anymore, but multiple times, which means that players will no longer lose a level if they didn’t get to complete their current one.

Clash Royale July Update – Full Patch Notes

The new update brings a new Arena, a new card, and brand new features, one of which is the amazing Pass Royale.

Pass Royale comes with unlocked rewards and instant items that include a Tower Skin and Emote, automatic chest unlocking, unlimited Special Challenge entries, and so on. Players can earn Crowns to unlock Pass Royale reward levels and Crown Chests, which are purchasable in-game.

Pass Royale Rewards

Tower Skin: Unlock the Shark Tank Tower Skin for the Kind Tower and Princess Towers. Find the Tower Skins in the Emote Deck tab.

Emote: Fisherman’s freshwater friend has a mean left fin. If you unlock the Tower Skin and exclusive Emote, which can only be earned in Season 1, you get to keep them forever.

More Rewards: Pass Royale is coming in force with extra rewards, such as chests, cards, gold, and more.

Pass Royale Perks

  • Automatic Chest Unlocking
  • Unlimited Special Challenge Retries
  • Golden Name Cosmetic
  • Lightning Strikes

Crown Chest Tweaks

Crown Chests are now earned in the free levels of Pass Royale, and each tier has a Crown Chest. Every 24 hours, a tier will unlock, except for Saturday and Sunday when two levels will unlock in the same amount of time. To unlock tiers, you have to earn Crowns.

Crown Chests now stack multiple times. If players don’t get to complete the current tier, it will not miss out anymore.

There’s something that stays the same: Crown Chests still need 10 Crowns to open.

Also, when playing without Pass Royale, you will get free tier rewards, Crown Chests, also stacked, and a free Legendary in the final Season level, if you are Arena 7 or higher.

Players with Pass Royale will earn Pass Royale rewards as well as free rewards.

The Flood is Here as Well

Fight Through The Flood: The home screen of the game has been updated

New Arena: The Fisherman’s Float

New Card: Fisherman. This character pulls rivals towards him while damaging them, and slaps them with his fish, causing melee damage. Fisherman can also drag himself to the nearest opponent building or Tower and cause damage.

New game modes:

  • Take to the Skies: A flooded arena offers players an incredible battleground. The game mode only supports air troops.
  • Fisherman’s Catch: The newest card sits in the center of the Arena, and will take the side of whoever destroys his shield first.

Balance Changes

Cannon Cart reworked: Damage: -17%, Range: +10% (5 to 5.5), Hit Speed: +17% (1.2s to 1.0s, Hitpoints/Shield: +1.5%

Cannon: Damage: +32%, Hit Speed: -25% (0.8s to 1s)

Giant Snowball: Radius: Reduced 3.0 to 2.5

Inferno Tower: Lifetime: -25% (40s to 30s)

Goblin Cage​: Lifetime: +25% (15s to 20s)

Goblin Brawler: Damage +25%

‘Rulebook’ Update for Melee Ranges

Ever since the first launch of Clash Royale back in 2016, cards with a Range under two have been labeled as ‘Melee,’ but numerous cards had greatly different ranges that were not simply noted. This update changes melee cards labels to Long, Medium, and Short.

As a point of reference: the tile relates to the squares you see on the Arena that impact unit placement, range, and so on.

Melee LONG – 1.6 Tiles

Minions – Range: 2 to 1.6

Mega Minions – Range: 2 to 1.6

Night Witch – Range: Range: 1.65 to 1.6

Prince – Range: 1.85 to 1.6

Melee MEDIUM – 1.2 Tiles

Dark Prince – Range: 1.25 to 1.2 (Area Damage Radius 1.25 to 1.2)

Goblin Giant – Range: 1.25 to 1.2

Elite Barbarians – Range: 1 to 1.2

Knight – Range: 1 to 1.2

Mega Knight – Range: 1 to 1.2

Miner – Range: 1.3 to 1.2

Mini P.E.K.K.A – Range: 1.05 to 1.2

Valkyrie – Range: 1 to 1.2 (Splash Radius 2 to 2.4)

Melee SHORT – 0.8 Tiles

Rascal Boy – Range: 1 to 0.8

​All the other troops with a range of 0.8 tiles or less will keep their actual range. These troops will be labeled as Melee SHORT.

​Other Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Trophy Road

  • Trophy Road now supports random draft card rewards. Choose a random card over a pre-selected choice.
  • Goblin Cage cannot be unlocked at 3,750 Trophies now


  • Solved for players encountering a Season reset when the League Season was still active
  • Fixed a problem where Trophy count after a loss could drop by a crazy amount
  • UI fixes for challenge menus
  • UI support for extra screen ratios
  • UI solving for Trophy Road
  • Resolved the issue of not being able to use your free name change if you had a negative Gem total
  • UI fixes in 2v2
  • Solving for boost timers showing other time remaining values
  • Fixes for low memory devices crashing when running out of memory


  • Draft tables have been upgraded to ensure a Building-targeting troop for each player
  • Cards have been reorganized in choices to exclude direct counter situations such as P.E.K.K.A vs. Giant drafts
  • Some cards have been removed from all draft selections because of biased matchups


  • A more extensive variety of Quests of varying difficulty
  • Higher difficulty Quests come with higher rewards
  • Quests such as ‘Win a 1v1 Battle 900 times with Heal and Wall Breakers’ were removed
  • Quests are now not limited to specific game types anymore. They can be completed in any game mode, except for Training Camp, Private Tournaments and Friendly Battles.


  • Barbarian Barrel now accurately hits its targeted radius


  • Special Challenges do not have ‘base rewards’ anymore. Special Challenge reward milestones will redress for that.

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