Google Maps Update Helps You Get Around The City By bike

When it comes to getting around a city, it sometimes becomes hard to choose from all the possibilities. However, most people tend to go with bike-sharing even though it is not that easy to find a station that has a bike for you. Because of that, Google decided to give you a hand with a Google Maps update.

Google Maps update helps you get around a city by bike

If you are in one of Google’s selected cities for this project, you can see how many bicycles are available for usage at each bike-sharing station as Google Maps displays all these details. In addition to that, if you need to return a bike you have been using, you can check the same app for an empty space at a station near you.

How does this work?

The Ito World company offers Google its transit data from which the system uses the feed of global bike-share information. Last year this feature was tested in Ney York City for the first time, but now it took over 24 cities in 16 different countries.

In order for you to commute more efficiently, all this data is added by Google Maps to its real-time travel information for trains and buses. You can also check the app for EV charging stations as this works in the same manner as the bike-sharing information system.

Where can you benefit from this feature?

You will be able to use this system in the next cities: New York City, São Paulo, Berlin, New Taipei City, Warsaw, Mexico City, Helsinki, Barcelona, San Francisco Bay Area, Budapest, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Montreal, Toronto, Dublin, Vienna, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Lyon, Kaohsiung, Hamburg, Zurich and Madrid. However, Google will introduce this in more cities as well.

All you need to do is search for a bike-share system on Google Maps, and the location of nearby stations will be displayed.

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