Chrome 75.0.3770.143 For Android Brings Improved Password Manager And Improvements

Many smartphone users are familiar with Google Chrome, the excellent browser developed and offered by Google. Like its bigger PC brother, the mobile version of Chrome comes with a variety of tools and features which make it an excellent choice for daily use. Chrome 75.0.3770.143 for Android launched with improved passwords manager, bug fixes, and speed improvements.

In most cases, Google Chrome is already pre-loaded on any Android device and ready to use right off the bat. Below you can find more information about the app and the latest Chrome 75.0.3770.143 update.

Google Chrome Most Popular Features

  • Less typing, more browsing – Type less as the personalized search results will appear while you are typing your query, and it will take you instantly to pages which were visited in the past. It’s a handy feature when you are on the move and wish to search for something in a flash.
  • Private inquiries – Navigate the web without leaving any tracks by using the Incognito Mode to keep your activity a secret.
  • Everything you need across all devices – Login to Chrome with your account to synchronize bookmarks, password, and to set across all your devices. Remain up to date and switch seamlessly from one device to another. It works across smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.
  • Everything you need in one convenient place – Chrome was designed with speed in mind, but it is also a great content manager. The new tab pace will offer direct links to your favorite news platforms, social media sites or favorite sites and a smart search feature will allow you to quickly navigate through a webpage without the need to scroll continuously.
  • Built-in protection – The app comes with a built-in Safe Browsing feature which offers an additional layer of security. A warning will appear when you attempt to visit dangerous sites or download compromised files.
  • Download and save what you need – A dedicated download button will allow users to quickly save images, videos, and even complete webpages with a single tap.
  • Faster with Lite – Activate Lite mode to enjoy an improved speed while also using a lower amount of mobile data.

Chrome 75.0.3770.143 For Android Brings Improved Password Manager And Improvements

The new Chrome 75.0.3770.143 update for Android doesn’t come with any new features or visual changes. However, it launches with some enhancements.

The latest Chrome 75.0.3770.143 version for Android comes with an improved password manager and a selection of bug fixes. You can already update the app from the Google Play Store.

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