Boom Beach 38.106 Is Available To Download With New Content, Features, And Improvements

Boom Beach may have been released almost five years ago, but the popular strategy game has remained popular, and it is enjoyed by millions of people from all over the world. Now, Boom Beach 38.106 is out with new content, features, and improvements.

Supercell created the auspicious title, the video games studio which is famous for Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, two of the most popular mobile games in the world. Read below to learn more about the game and its excellent features.

Boom Beach Features

  • Enter the fray – Wage battle against the Blackguard, a formidable enemy who poses a significant strategic challenge. Assault enemy bases to release slaves and track down the secrets of a tropical paradise submerged in war.
  • Built a base – At the start of the game, players will receive a feeble base, but it is merely the beginning. By spending time and resources, players have the option to upgrade their buildings and defenses while also gaining access to a large selection of troops.
  • Collect resources – Find and collect a large number of resources which can also be looted from enemy bases. Use them to enhance your base and pave the way towards victory as you progress through the game.
  • Massive naval battles – Warships allow players to battle across the sea. Unlike the regular mode, Warships takes place over several thematic seasons, each of them coming with new features. You can unlock Warships by reaching Headquarters level 10.
  • Tech Tree – A robust Tech Tree allows players to update their warships by improving their offensive and defensive capabilities. Updates are unlocked with the help of Unlock and Upgrade Tokens. Most of the units which are available on the island can be accessed in Warships.
  • The power of many – Join a Task Force and tackle expansive co-op missions with the help of your friends.

Beach Boom 38.106 Comes With New Content, Features, and Improvements

The latest update, Beach Boom 38.106, comes with a selection of fresh features. Warships Season 3 is now available, and players can earn new units, Warship Trophies, and rewards.

Besides, Boom Beach 38.106 come with bug fixes and performance improvements. The new Boom Beach 38.106 is already available on the Google Play Store.

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